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Eco Kitchen Swaps

When it comes to single-use plastics and unhealthy products, your kitchen holds a lot. Not only is it bad for the environment, but it's not great for your wallet either to keep buying these single-use items again and again. Instead, save some money (and the planet) with these eco options.

dish block zero waste soap kitchen

Dish Wash Soap

Make your dish soap last longer by switching to a dish wash block. It's better for you and the planet!

scrub brush kitchen eco

Scrub Brush

A scrub brush is better for removing the grim and scraps on your dishes and is eco-friendly.

Sponge Cloth

Stop wasting paper towels and switch to these eco-friendly sponge cloths instead.

Bee's Wax Wrap

Stop using plastic wraps for saving your food and switch to these amazing eco beeswax wraps.

Produce Bags

Keep your farmer's market produce fresh and organized in your fridge with these produce bags.

Reusable Ziploc

These reusable ziploc baggies are oven, dishwasher, microwave, and freezer friendly.

Coffee Filters

Save some trees by switching to a reusable cotton coffee filter for your morning cup.

Compost Bin

Compost your food waste into fertilizer for your garden and save it from the landfills.

go pure water filter eco kitchen

Water Filters

Water is life. Make sure your drinking water is free from flouride and other chemicals.

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