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11 Sneaky Ways to Add More Seating to your Space

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Being an introvert, I’d rather spend my evenings in than going out. That being said, I also like to entertain! Group gatherings at one’s place are typically more relaxing, socially engaging, and overall enjoyable in my personal introverted opinion.

While I like entertaining, I also live in a one bedroom apartment. It’s perfect for me, but when it comes to large gatherings, I’m a little challenged. I don’t have the luxury of sectional seating or a dining table to fit ten, so I have to be creative when it comes to finding additional seating options.

So if you’re like me and live in a tiny apartment, or just want some more ideas on how to maximize your seating, here are eleven clever ways to sneak in more seating!


Ottomans & Poufs

More of a foot rest, ottomans and poufs are perfect for some last minute additional seating. They can be easily moved around for maximum versatility. These pieces are great for their flexibility and for offering extra seating in a pinch.

Chest Seating


Image via Apartment Therapy

Trunks and chests are very practical furniture pieces not only for storage purposes, but can function as seating for those unexpected larger events. A little tip is to store items you don't often access, such as extra tablecloths and linens.

Island Stools

If you’re big into hosting food centered gatherings, you definitely need stools at your island. The kitchen is where people come to gather, so having seating options for your guest while you’re cooking is a no brainer. It also offers additional over flow seating for larger hosting events such as Thanksgiving.

Hanging Swing

This one is for your inner child. There is something so relaxing about swings. Perfect for a cozy afternoon, hanging swings offer additional floor space and can be “swung” off to a wall when not in use.

Arm Chairs vs Sofa

This doesn’t seem like it would make sense on a seating issue, but psychologically, people don’t like sitting next to other people. Notice this next time you’re in a waiting room or airport. Most people like at least one seat’s distance between themselves and the next person. Sofas actually get two people sitting on it more often than three, so save yourself the cost of buying a sofa and opt for arm chairs. Plus the smaller dimensions allow you to be more flexible in your designs.

Butterfly Chair

Butterfly chairs are perfect for lounge seating in a pinch. When not in use, you can fold them up nicely to store in a closet but they have a better aesthetic that your average folding chair.

Have a Round Table


Image via Anthropologie

Here’s a designer tip, if you are tight on space but like to host, get a round table. The trick is that because there are no corners, there is no parameters of defined space per seat, so you can have six people around a tiny 48″ table and still manage to feel relatively comfortable.


For those looking to entertain and host longer stays, a daybed functions as a sofa in the daytime but can offer guests a place to sleep during overnight visits.

Booth Seating


So if you have the money and the means to design and build a booth seat, I’d definitely recommend it. Booth seats are great for cramming as many butts together as possible (not that you’ll probably ever need to fill your booth seat to capacity but having the option is nice, plus you can modify it with storage under the seat).

Floor Pillows

Let your inner hippie out with floor pillows. Perfect for meditations, chill game nights around a coffee table, or just an alternative seating option for those who prefer more of a non-conventional approach to your average seat.

Bench Seating


Image via Letter Folk

If you are someone who loves to entertain, bench seating is perfect for fitting one of two extra people into a tit space. It’s a great option instead of additional chairs which look crammed together and unwelcoming.


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