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Wholesome Kitchens: A Recipe for Designing with Feng Shui and Holistic Wellness

We may not all be amazing cooks, but we all deserve to have amazing kitchens. Whether you're a cooking maven or a microwave maestro, your kitchen can be more than a food factory – it can be a space that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit.

If you're looking to design a kitchen that incorporates holistic wellness, good energy, and overall more intention, then look no furthers. Put on your aprons (figuratively of course), and let's get cooking with the special ingredients in making your holistic kitchen design!!


Layout - Love your Kitchen's Flow

First things first – let's talk layout. In Feng Shui, the Command Position helps you be in control of the energy of a room. In terms of the kitchen, you want to have visibility to the entrance of your kitchen from the stove. In Feng Shui, stoves generate opportunity and abundance, and putting you in control of this energy puts you in control of your wealth.

Other layout factors to consider are the overall flow of your space. Do you have enough counter space to prep your meals? How is the distance between your fridge, sink, and stove? Make the layout make sense in terms of easy use and movement.

A balanced kitchen incorporates the work triangle of spacing out your main cooking stations

Mindful Material Selection

Alright, let's talk the key kitchen design ingredients – materials. Opt for natural materials such as granite or quartz countertops (a durable choice), recycled tile backsplashes, and hardwood floors that bring warmth and comfort into these functional spaces. These natural choices are eco conscious and add beauty to your home. When it comes to choosing sustainable and eco-friendly materials for your kitchen, there are a lot of factors to consider, so if you want to invest in eco options, do you research!

Light up your Workspace

Just like a pinch of salt can elevate a dish, lighting can transform your kitchen into a healing holistic haven. Embrace ample natural light, as this boosts your mood and helps with your circadian rhythm.

When the sun isn't out, let layered lighting do the work. Ambient, task, and accent lighting create a space that caters to your every mood and culinary adventure. Recessed lights act as general overhead lighting for the majority of work, while pendants provide that mood and style. Other types of lighting to consider are cabinet lighting, sconces to add extra bling, and dimmer switching to give you more control on the light levels of your kitchen.

Good lighting in a kitchen blends overhead, task, and natural light.

Ample Appliances and Fixtures

In today's modern world, there is no excuse not to go a little greener with your appliances. Look for energy star rated appliances and low flow plumbing fixtures to be more sustainable with your kitchen design and lower your carbon footprint. Think about what additional features you'd like your appliances and fixtures to have. I personal am a fan of those pull-out faucet heads, as it makes spraying down dishes and my sink a breeze!

Satisfactory Storage Solutions

Ample storage space is a coveted aspect for most kitchens, so when it comes to planning and designing your own, make sure you're thinking ahead. Do you want a drawer for your spices? Need extra space for all your kitchen gadgets and countertop appliances? Everything in your kitchen should have a home and ensuring that, you'll be one step closer to having a clutter-free and tidy kitchen.

Tall floor to ceiling cabinets provide ample storage for this airy kitchen

Bring the Outdoors In

Feng Shui masters and holistic designers alike will tell you – nature is the ultimate nourisher! So, toss in some indoor plants that not only add a pop of green but also purify your kitchen's air and add fresh qi to your space. Try a bowl of fruit on your kitchen island for a lovely centerpiece display. Plants and fruit aren't the only way to add the outdoors. Choose natural materials like ceramic tile, stone countertops, wood shelves or calming neutrals that also bring an earthy vibe into your kitchen design.

The kitchen isn't just a place for chopping veggies and boiling pasta; it's a space to soothe your soul and aid in living a more healthy, happiness, and fulfilled life. Need help designing your dream healing kitchen? Book a Connection Call and let's make it a reality!

Your Holistic Home Helper,



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