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2022's Holistic Interior Design Trends and How you can get the look for Less

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

I can feel it, 2022 is going to be THEE year. There have been a lot of changes these past two years and it’s about time we start seeing some positive ones! And while we can’t control what happens in the world around us, we CAN control what we do to our homes to make our personal worlds a little brighter.

This year, I’m loving this fresh energy I’m feeling, and wanted to share the top trends I am seeing for interior design and the home. Adding these elements to your home can bring that fresh energy into your life for 2022.


The Color Green

You might have seen those dark and moody green kitchens or these rich and lush green bathroom images circulating the internet and are as obsessed as I am. Dark green is going to be the IT color for 2022. Diving into the psychology of this color, greens connect us to nature and bring a sense of emotional calm. With the madness of these past two years, adding this relaxing color into your home is a perfect way to sooth the spirit and feel better in your space.

The cheapest way to bring this color in is by painting your walls in one of the many gorgeous and dark shades of green. When picking out a paint color, be sure you have the majority of your furniture pieces selected first. That is because it is easier to pull an exact paint color from a rug’s pattern or piece of wall art than visa versa. If you aren’t feeling like going for an intense and dramatic green room, you can always try painting an old piece of furniture this color, thus transforming it into a statement piece and giving it new life.

Texture Walls

Plain and bare drywalls were all the rage in the early 2000s, but we’ve matured since then and want our homes to reflect more character and charm. That’s why adding a bit of texture to your walls is going to be the big improvement to your home in 2022! From adding your own chair railing to your entry or dining room, to wainscoting your living room, adding some moldings to your walls can give your walls an extra level of depth and drama.

You don’t have to do a major renovation to make this happen either. If you are on a tight budget, start off in a small area, such as a nook or entry way. This will save on material costs but also give an added bit of character to a room that often lacks it. To save even more money, and achieve a level of empowerment, try the DIY route. When in doubt, Youtube and Pinterest Blogs are your friend!

Organic Vintage Design

While I believe in designing for you and not basing your home off of trends, I can’t help but mention this one style that is becoming more and more popular. Actually, is it even a style if it doesn’t have an official name? You’ve probably seen the homes that are light filled, minimalistic is objects and décor, yet maximalist in the types of pieces placed in the home. I call it Organic Vintage, but it is a look that blends both the clean and simplistic feel of modern design with the character and quirk of more maximalist and traditional styles.

The great part about this style is that a lot of the pieces can be thrifted, which saves you a lot of money! Shop thrift stores, garage sales, and your grandma’s attic to procure an odd and awesome collection of antique pieces to fill your space. Look for ornate framed, landscape oil paintings, and relic wooden tables that can act as practical works of art in your home.

Feminine Energy in Furniture

Okay, but what does that even mean? You know how ten years ago there was a collective #girlboss movement of strong, tough, badass women? A lot of the energy that was prevalent with this movement and during this time was masculine energy. Masculine energy is ambitious, determined, strong, bold, and structured. This is also known as yang energy in Feng Shui. Not surprisingly, we saw this energy show up in our furniture and décor choices as well, from geometric print wallpaper to chevron rugs and harsh angular furniture.

With this shifting energy of femininity happening, many more of us as slowing down our pace in life. We not only are balancing work and life more, but choosing to break away from the daily grind of our society and focus on creative passions and spiritual pursuits. This is feminine energy, and it’s even showing up in our home décor trends.

You’ll expect to finds lots of curved pieces, such as rounded sofas, arched bookcases, and circular objects. Softer, muted colors like periwinkles and blush rose are preferred over vibrant tones, and you can find organic patterns like florals and damasks showing up in pillowcases and wallpapers.

If you want to bring a bit of this feminine energy into your space while saving some money, choose small décor pieces with these feminine shapes, such as an arched mirror or rounded pillow. You can even make a bigger fem statement with painting a room in one of the many soft muted colors that connect to this energy.

While I’m a believer that you should design for you and not for trends, there is something to be said about connecting to the collective energy that is evident that current year. You don’t have to do a whole redesign, but adding a few small décor elements or repainting a room can bring in some fresh new energies and make a space feel new and alive without the added costs. Have fun adding these elements into your home for 2022!


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