6 Ways to Make Your Apartment Your Own

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

If you’re single, young, or just love living in the city, chances are you rent an apartment. Growing up, I had fantasies of moving to a hip apartment in the city:  lofted, brick walls, hardwood floors, and subway tile. I’m sure many people had this same fantasy. TV shows and movies glamorize this idea of what an apartment should look like. Sorry to say that this bubble was burst when I moved to Seattle and started apartment hunting.

While lofted apartments like the one I had envisioned do exist, they are far and few, and the rent alone on one of those is not something a young person starting her career can afford. Even if you do find a cool space with architectural features like brick walls or crown molding, there are other design details that have not been updated in years, such as the kitchen cabinets or bathroom tile.

So many people settle. You’ll get a place w