Easy Ways to Refresh your Home on a Budget

Updated: Jun 25

Let me ask you a question. Are you sick of your space yet? I'm currently writing this during the great Covid pandemic of 2020, and the stay-at-home policy has been having us all get familiar with our spaces.

Have you noticed how your kitchen's layout isn't optimal for your love of cooking? Or has staring at your teal coffee table given you an eye sore? Or are you simply just bored of the stagnation of your space? It's pretty much all we're experiencing right now.

I'll admit, even as an Interior Designer, I've gotten tired of my space. But I typically do. That's why I'm constantly refreshing my rooms. It boosts my mood and makes me love my space again! It's probably sustaining my sanity too during these lockdown times, as a refreshed space make it feel new (and I haven't been experiencing too many of those lately).

Humans like new. So why not make your space feel like new? And because it's during Covid times, I wanted to share ways you can make your space feel like new without spending much (if anything at all). Just because we might be feel financially stressed, we still deserve a space that helps ease those tensions we're experiencing at this time.


Give a Makeover to an Old Piece of Furniture

Refreshing a boring piece can not only make it feel like new, but your space feel like new too. This really works when it's a larger focus item, such as a media console, hutch, or other storage piece.