Fae Blessing Bundles

Updated: Jun 12

With summer being in full bloom (literally), I’ve been getting pretty crafty and making my own blessing bundles (double-double wordplay trouble). What are blessing bundles? They are a gathering of plants and herbs, harvested for their magickal properties. Like any spell, the different ingredients are combine to create a specific intention.

This particular blessing bundle I made for a summer festival I recently went to. I went with my girlfriends who are also all witchy spirits. The festival itself had a mystic and magickal theme to it, so these bundles were the perfect addition and thing to pass out during the festival.

The bundle’s spell is to invoke the guidance of the fae. Faeries are supernatural entities who possess mystic powers. Often, people were afraid of faeries due to their mischief and trickery, but these playful creatures are very powerful and can bring blessings and guidance into our lives.

This bundle’s energy not only attracts the fae, but called forth blessings of spiritual guidance and loving and healing vibrations. It was just the thing for my hippie-witch self and would be a great craft for any spiritual festival go-er.