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Feng Shui Cures - Objects for Wealth and Abundance

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

It's a New Year and we're all wanting to manifest and call in our dreams and intentions. One of the top desires for many people is more wealth and money. Who wouldn't want a little extra cash flowing into their lives and wallets?

Aside from the mentality of working, did you know that you can call in this energy with a little metaphysical magick? In the metaphysical art of Feng Shui, we can call specific desires into our lives through the use of our homes and objects we have in it.

Want to learn how to call in the energy of wealth and money using Feng Shui? Here are some helpful Feng Shui tips and objects you can bring into your space.


Citrine Crystals

Gemstones and crystals are common Feng Shui cures. That is because crystals contain sound energy that can influence and add to the energy of a space or a person. For money and wealth, a citrine crystal is a great option. Citrine connects to the energy of joy, abundance, success, and good fortune. It is known as the merchant's stone and can bring this wealthy energy into your home. Add it as a cluster to amplify this stone's potential.

The Colors Green and Yellow

In Feng Shui, color holds a lot of symbolism and meaning. For wealth and money, the colors green and yellow are commonly used. That is because green is connected to the Wood Element (which connects to wealth and money) and symbolizes growth and renewal. The color yellow represents gold coins and bars. Add these in through pillows, wall paint, or artwork can be subtle ways to bring in more wealth and abundance.

Have a Money Bowl

This tip is a mix of both Feng Shui and Witchcraft (but so I am). Money bowls are bowls we can place in our homes to attract the energy of money into our lives. Fill it with crystals connecting to wealth (such as citrine and tiger's eye) as well as herbs (like cinnamon, basil, bay leaf, and clove). You also want to put actual money, like bills and coins, into your bowl. Leave it in a place where you constantly see it and are reminded of wealth.


You might have heard of the money tree in Feng Shui. That is because the money and wealth sector of your home is associated with the Wood Element. The Wood Element is associated with growth. With wanting your money to grow, adding plants to your space can support this energy. In particular, Jade and Money Trees were common cures in Feng Shui.


Oranges are a traditional food for the Chinese New Year to bring in wealth and fortune. That is due to their resemblance to gold coins. Place a bowl of oranges on your kitchen counter to support more of an abundance mindset. Remember to remove any moldy fruit, as this lessens the qi/energy.

Try one of all of these tips, and let the abundance flow more freely in your home and your life! For more tips and knowledge on Feng Shui and manifesting using Feng Shui, be sure to check out my other blogs or schedule a personal Feng Shui consultation!


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