Five Benefits of Farmer’s Markets

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

So I went to the Farmer’s Market yesterday morning. There is something about the small tables scattered with vegetables so freshly picked that they still have dirt on them that invoke my warm and fuzzies. I am a big veggie-aholic. They are packed with so much nutrients, and I can really feel the effects of these great properties when I eat them.

In the late spring, my family plants our vegetable garden, so in the summer, we are blessed with an abundance of tomatoes, carrots, eggplant, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, peppers, herbs, and a variety of leafy greens. Not only are these veggies fresh and at the peak of their nutritional splendor when we eat them, but it certainly cuts down our grocery bill! It’s also so nice not having to drive to the store for these ingredients. I simply just walk outside and *pluck*.

Having a garden or even a community garden is a great way to save money, get delicious and nutritious foods, and connect to mother nature. Gardens take a good amount of work to maintain…from watering, tilling, pulling out weeds, etc., but they are so worth it! If gardens are too much upkeep for you, I suggest buying locally and stopping by your farmer’s market. Here are five benefits of going to the farmer’s market:


Fresh and Nutrition-packed Produce

Buying from a farmer, you are getting fruits and veggies that are picked at the peak of their ripeness, ensuring the best flavor and nutritional benefits that these products have to offer. Generally, when you buy from a supermarket or grocery store, these products are picked before they have fully matured so that they are able to arrive at the stores and sit for a couple of days, meaning you lose out on a lot of nutritional benefits this way.

Organic Produce

When you go to a farmer’s market, you are getting a selection of organic foods that are GMO and pesticide free. Eating produce sprayed with chemicals and unnatural products has serious side effects on our organ health, such as cancer. There have been over 260 studies that have linked cancer to agrochemicals. Eating organically, you are choosing to eat safe and reduce your risk of these diseases.