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Healthy Ways to Design your Baby's Nursery

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I love designing children's rooms. Perhaps it's because I never grew up (I still love kid's books and Pixar movies), but also, these rooms are just plain FUN to design. These spaces often have so much creativity and whimsy involved in them, and I enjoy this level of intimacy and care that goes into these rooms.

While I don't have children of my own, I did study child development in college. It was one of those key classes I had to take, which at the time, I had no idea why an Interior Designer would need to learn about child development, family dynamics, and psychology.

Low and behold that class was super fascinating and useful (I do love psychology). As a designer, I design for people...that can mean children and infants. And while mothers will get all excited about designing their baby's nursery (thanks Pinterest), there are actually some design tips that most parents are missing when it comes to the nursery. These design hacks can improve a baby's development and are geared towards a healthy growth.

Here are ways we can be creating healthier rooms for our newborns to grow in!


Low VOC Paint

VOCs are harmful for our health. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are chemicals that are released in the air when you paint, leading to horrible off-gassing.  We are breathing in these chemicals, which can lead to severe health issues such as respiratory diseases and even cancer. Thankfully many paint brands offer low VOC paints.

High Contrast and Visuals

It sounds contradictory. Aren't baby nurseries supposed to be soothing and calm? During the first few months of development, a baby starts to see the full spectrum of color. Pastels are more difficult for an infant to distinguish, while high contrast colors will help to enhance their eye coordination.

Colorful Ceilings

Since babies like color, create a colorful ceiling for them. Since they spend most of their time on their backs, this will help them in their developmental learning. That's why mobiles are a classic baby must.


Since these first months are crucial 'sponge' moments for a child's development, it's important to create a sensory experience for them to learn and grow in. Add multiple textures to stimulate their tactile engagement. Sheepskin rugs, knobby knit pillows, and soft velvets offer various textural options while being soft enough for a baby's skin.

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