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How Interior Design can Increase your Airbnb’s Monthly Revenue and Boost Bookings

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

So you've gotten into the money making industry of Airbnb. Congrats. But having a second property alone isn't enough in today's competitive market to make the money you are wanting to pull in from your vacation rental property. If you want to become a superhost and book more nights, increase your prices, and boost your sales, then you need to improve the interior design of your Airbnb.


Learn from Hotels

The hospitality industry has been aware of the impacts of a well-designed space for a long time. Restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, and retail stores have spent the time and money to improve their spaces and interiors, knowing that these upgrades will increase sales and improve revenue.

So why does this happen? It’s psychology. We as humans prefer pleasant spaces. If we have the choice between a two-star motel with dingy bedsheets, drab walls, and a funky smell over a 4-star resort with plush towels, stylish furniture, and high-end amenities, we’d choose the 4-star resort, even if that means paying a little extra for comfort.

Your guests crave an experience. That’s why unique stays such as sleeping in an airstream or glamping in a yurt can be $200+ a night. People stay at Airbnbs to get away, relax, and have a vacation. They want an experience that is unique, relaxing, and overall enjoyable.

Free Marketing

With all the competition that Airbnb has with multiple hosts, homes, and overall options, it is important to stand out from the crowd. While guest reviews and ratings can help boost sales on the Airbnb platform itself, it’s important to market your property on other social media sites as well to cast a wide marketing net.

A cute, creative, and stylish space can be your source of free and viral marketing. That’s because users and guests love to show-off instagrammable homes, share their experiences on TikTok, and boast about their spectacular stylish stay to friends and family. Your Airbnb rental’s interior design can act as a free marketing tool for guest to rave about and spread with their friends, families, and followers, gaining you more notice without even posting a social media ad.

Make the Most from your Rental Home

One of the perks for Airbnb hosts is the hidden and additional fees one can charge. These include laundry use, additional amenities, and extra guests. Maximizing your rental home’s design and layout can maximize how much you can charge for your home. For example, you might currently have a one-bedroom property, being able to sleep up to two people. With the right furniture, space planning, and interior design choices, you can easily create a home that can fit upwards of 6 guests a night, potentially tripling your nightly revenue.

So How to Create the Ultimate AirBnb Home?

Now that you know the why in creating a stylish Airbnb space for your guests, it’s time to get to the how.

There are three major considerations to designing a rental property:

  • Budget

  • Function

  • Concept of Design

Let’s talk budget. Now while you might have a little passive income flowing in from your Airbnb, you probably don’t want to spend $10,000 on a sofa that might get ruined from rowdy guests. Finding stylish pieces at an affordable price can be a challenge many people face. The first step is understanding how much you want to spend on your furnishings, fixtures, décor, and overall design for your Airbnb. For an overall breakdown of costs per room, click the link for a helpful PDF.

Next is function. This will comedown to your ideal market of cliental. Are you catering to couples looking for a romantic retreat, or a group of ladies to enjoy a girl’s weekend? Knowing your guests can help in knowing how to design for them. For example, if you find that a lot of families are booking your property, then look for furniture that can host larger groups, such as a banquette bench table to fit more seats or a sectional sofa for family movie nights.

The last aspect to consider is the concept of design. What is the experience that you want your guests to have? Do you have a lot of city dwellers and urban guests coming to your farm for a relaxing and simple weekend? Create that experience through the design. Add some modern farmhouse elements like wood paneling or farmhouse antique décor pieces to connect to the experience your guests want.

Elevating the interior design of your Airbnb can do wonders for you as a host, creating positive reviews, more attention, and an increase in sales and revenue. If you are wanting to start making more money with your vacation rental, then click the button below and schedule a free consultation call today.


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