How to Add More Yang Energy to your Space

Updated: Jun 15

In my article, Ways to Add More Yin Energy to Your Space, I touched on the concept of Yin and Yang energy. Yang is the fast moving qi, or energy. It is considered masculine energy, and is fast-paced, strong, and energetic. It is important to have a balance of Yin and Yang energy in our spaces. If we do not have enough Yang in our space, we may experience a lack of Yang energy within ourselves. We may become withdrawn, shy, may experience colds and flu more, and have low fatigue. Adding more Yang energy to your home can help restore the balance in your life. Here are four ways to add more yang energy to your space.


yang kitchen

Hard, shiny surfaces speed up the flow of energy. Glazed tile, fired stone, polished marble, and reflected mirror are all Yang materials. Add a tiled floor to your kitchen to increase the energy of that space or hang mirrors throughout your home to keep the energy flowing.


yang couch

Vivid, bright and warm colors bring liveliness and energy to a space. These colors stimulate our own energy, physically from heart rate and appetite, to psychologically with our moods. Paint a focal wall or use fabrics to add this exciting energy to your existing room.


yang dining

Straight lines and harsh edges direct fast moving qi. Triangles, stars, arrows, zigzags are all yang shapes. Uses them in fabrics and finishes, like a triangle rug  or a chevron backsplash.

Large, Expansive Spaces

living room 03

Large spaces disperse chi, creating dynamic areas for socializing and individuality. A taller ceiling brings the energy up vertically, giving growth and expression, while lower, more spread out spaces direct the energy horizontally, providing areas of conversation and socialization. Large windows, such as these, stimulate the movement of chi throughout a space.

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