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How to Add More Yin Energy to Your Space

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Your home serves many purposes for your day-to-day life. One of these features a home should have is a calming and relaxing quality. You home IS your sanctuary space after all.

In Feng Shui, yin qi is associated with the energies of calm, restorative, reflective, quiet, get the jist. It is the counterpart to yang qi, and adding it into your home can promote not only these energies but provide for an overall balanced and harmonious home.

So the BIG question is, how does one add yin qi into the home? There are so many ways in fact, and as a Feng Shui Consultant, I often recommend clients choose one or two ways that work for them, their home, and their design style. Read on to learn how you can add more yin qi into your home!


Soft Textures and Rough Materials

Yin qi is like a turtle...slow moving. When it comes to adding materials to Feng Shui your home for more yin, there are a lot of materials you can add. Try a natural stone, like travertine, granite, or marble. Look for furniture pieces or decor made from this material, like a marble top table or travertine trinket box. You can add more yin qualities by choosing an even rougher stone like limestone, flagstone, or slate. Brick is another yin material, and offers a timeless design. If you're looking to bring more 'soft' qualities of yin in, fabrics and upholstery is a great choice. Add extra pillows or blankets to your sofa, bring more draperies to your windows, and add rugs to help slow down and ground the energy of your home.

A variety of different rugs, fabrics, and upholsteries
Fabrics and upholsteries are an easy way to add more yin

Muted and Moody Colors

While color is a personal preference and design choice, there are certain colors that connect to more yin energy. Greens and blues are yin colors. Studies have even shown how they slow down the brain and heart rate, lowering your cortisol levels to help you feel more calm. If cool colors aren't your vibe, you can bring more yin energy to your color scheme by adding more muted hues or darker tones. A burgundy red or mustard yellow contains more yin qi even though these warmer colors are more associated with yang energy.

Organic Shapes and Curved Forms

Curved and round shapes slow down the speed of qi. One of the best ways to add more yin shapes in is through furniture choices. Add a round coffee table or an arched bookcase to your home's design. Organic and free formed pieces also work and make for the perfect yin decor. Organic table lamp bases, kidney shaped mirrors, or handmade pottery are all good yin accessories.

A niche design feature with booth seating
Nooks are the perfect yin spot to snuggle up and read

Small Spaces and Tiny Nooks

Low ceilings and nooks contain qi and help in storing yin energy. Utilize these spaces by creating relaxing areas out of them, such as a reading nook or tucking a bed in for some peaceful sleep. You can even add in the other yin elements like a dark blue color to accent or some soft fabrics to give these nooks and niches even more yin energy.

A home should have both yin and yang energy to ensure proper balance, harmony, and Feng Shui. You can learn more about how to add more yang qi HERE, or check out my other Feng Shui posts!

Your Holistic Home Helper,


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