How to Add More Yin Energy to Your Space

Updated: Jun 15

The energy we bring into our home is very important. Energies can directly affect our overall health and well-being. In Feng Shui, energy is broken down into two parts, Yin and Yang. Yang energy is often associate with masculine forces, and is energetic, strong, and fast-paced. Yin energy on the other hand is associated with the female, and is soft, calm, and relaxing. It is good to bring in Yin energy to places of relaxation in your home, such as the bedroom and meditation spaces. When we don’t have enough yin in our lives, specialists refer to this as being Yin deficient. We may have difficulties sleeping, feel frazzled, and have a lack of mental clarity. Our health can suffer because of this. Adding more yin to your space can help bring back the balance of qi (energy). Here are four ways to add more yin energy to your space.


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Rough, soft textures slow down the flow of energy, bringing more yin chi into a space. Add fabrics, rough stone, and rustic woods. Upholstered furniture, area rugs, and wall tapestries are great yin providers.


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Pale, cool colors are associated with the yin qi. Psychologically, they calm the brain and slow down the heart rate, making us feel more relaxed. Blues and grays are excellent yin colors and are trending currently.



Curved and round shapes slow down the speed of qi. Add round coffee tables, or if you are lucky to have some arched or domed ceilings in your space, take advantage of the already existing yin energy.

Small Spaces and Nooks

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Low ceilings and nooks contain chi and help in storing yin energy. Utilize these spaces by creating relaxing areas out of them, such as a reading nook or tucking a bed in for some peaceful sleep.

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