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How to Decorate for Aquarius

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

It’s Aquarius season! Aquarians are the idealists of the Zodiac. They are huge visionaries and wish to transform the world into a better one. That’s why so many are activists and humanitarians. They also are quite unique, priding themselves on being different. That is why their spaces are so fun to decorate and design!

Want to learn how to decorate for this zodiac sign? Here are some design tips to help create the perfect quirky home.


Eclectic Pieces

Since Aquarians love to stand out for their originality, have furniture and décor that is just as unique. This could be a store-bought selection, such as a quirky lamp, but often times, this sign needs something a little more custom. Try taking a thrifted wing-back chair or loveseat and reupholstering it in a bold color or rich fabric. It’s a sure way to make sure an Aquarian has a one-of-a-kind piece.

Vibrant Tones

Aquarians aren’t afraid of color. In fact, they aren't afraid of much, but having a bold and vibrant color helps these signs make a statement and boost their moods. Choose a cheerful yellow fabric for the sofa or a bright and vivid indigo for the walls. If you're feeling more confident with color, go for multiple hues/tones, otherwise, stick to one color.

Focus on the Living Room

While this is a very independent sign, Aquarius people also enjoy a lot of socialization and interesting conversations. That is why the living room is a great room to focus on when designing for this sign. Creating a social space with multiple seating options, such as a sectional or even ottomans that function as coffee tables and additional seats will fuel an Aquarian’s need for discussion and debate.

Statement Art

Art can say a lot. For Aquarius, it is a great way to make a statement. Have a piece (or pieces) of art that sparks conversation and debate. A good piece is one that is controversial and delivers a message. Having it in a large size and displayed in a space that is more suited for entertaining (such as the living room), will help in creating conversation and topics of discussion. Not than Aquarians need this help.

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Happy Decorating Aquarius!


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