How to Decorate for Aries

Updated: Jun 12

It’s Aries season! Aries are the first of the zodiac signs, and as such, are powerful leaders and like to take charge. One way to take charge is by having a space that’s as bold as they are!

Want to learn how to decorate for this zodiac sign? Here are some design tips to help create the perfect bold home.


Big Spaces

Aries like to MOVE! Large open spaces help this zodiac sign feel more at ease, as a small space is hard to contain the amount of energy an Aries gives off. Rooms with lots of square footage or spaces will tall ceilings help this fire sign feel more expansive.

Energizing Patterns

Aries are an active fire sign, and as such, require lots of movement in their spaces. This means patterns as well. Go for active patterns such as herringbones, chevrons, or zigzags. Try this in area rugs for intense movement, or smaller items such as pillowcases or wall art.