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How to Decorate for Scorpios

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

It's Scorpio season. Ruled by Pluto (and Mars), this sign is full of intensity and transformation. One of the ways Scorpios transform is through their spaces. Creating a home that speaks to the depth of this zodiac sign's soul, here are some design tips on how to decorate for a Scorpio.

Use Dark and Rich Colors

Scoprios love to go deep, and that means with their color choices too! Rich jeweled tones like emerald green, midnight blue, and burgundy red are perfect choices for this zodiac sign. Wanting to go really bold? Try a dark charcoal wall paint. It’s a sophisticated color that will connect to a Scorpio’s moody vibes and add a stunning contrast to the jeweled tones in the space.

Decorate with Antiques

Scorpios are curious creatures that like the odd and strange. This stands true to their décor choices as well. Antiques are a perfect option since they often are ornate and full of character, which Scorpios like. Plus, you can find some weird vintage items. Cobra candlestick holders, a brass fox doorknocker…these strange and quirky items are perfect for a Scorpio.

Focus on the Bedroom

Scorpios are a water sign. Water signs need plenty of rest and relaxation in order to recharge, and the bedroom is a perfect place for that. Create a soft and comfy bed with plenty of textures and layers, and add some wall art that makes a statement as intense as this zodiac sign is. The bedroom is also a great place for Scorpios because, well….they have a reputation for being quite passionate if you know what I mean. Bring in that sexy vibe with candles, sensual scents, and silky fabrics.

Create a Gallery Wall

Scorpios are a mixed bag. They are mysterious, intense, emotional, sensitive, passionate, and more. With all of these feelings, nothing speaks to this more than artwork. A gallery wall of art that speaks to a Scoprio is a perfect way to capture their complex personality. Use different sized frames as well as materials for an even more eclectic display.

Happy Decorating Scorpios!


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