How to Decorate for Virgos

Updated: Jun 13

It’s Virgo Season! While Cancers may boast that they are the homebodies of the zodiac, Virgos love their spaces too! Having the reputation of being perfectionists, they want their spaces to be perfect as well.

Want to have the perfect space? Read on to find the guide to how to decorate for the Virgo sun sign.


Use Natural Materials

Being an Earth sign, Virgos like natural materials in their homes. For furniture, look for natural wood pieces such as solid wood dressers or side tables. Rattan and cane are also good options, such as a cane-backed bed frame or rattan sofa. For smaller décor and home goods, look for organic cotton/linen fabrics and clay pots, vases, etc.

Add House Plants

Not only are Virgos nature care takers, but they are connected to the element of Earth. Adding house plants fills both these Virgo requirements and creates a lush and happy home for this sign to relax in. There are many different types of house plants out there to best fit a Virgos needs, even if they are not natural green-thumbs. Check out more on house plants and how to find your perfect one.</