How to Design for Leos

Updated: Jun 25

It’s soon to be Leo season and you don’t need to be into astrology to already know that. Practically any Leo sun sign will be boasting about their upcoming birthday. This zodiac sign might be a little bummed this year with quarantines and shutdowns, as a Leo LOVES throwing parties and being seen.

While this extroverted sun sign might be staying home this month, that doesn't mean they should contain their boldness. How about a fun home project that sparks that fire sign's creativity and let's their personality shine? Especially with zoom calls and video chats, it's a perfect way for a Leo to get a little more noticed. Learn about the tips behind designing a space for Leo's energy.


Bold Color

As the fixed fire sign, Leos are quite magnetic. They are not afraid of standing out in a crowd and in fact prefer to. That is why bold colors scream Leo energy. Highly saturated colors such as flamingo pinks, tangerine orange, and lemon yellow connect to their warm and firey nature. However, since Leos are also a royal creature, don’t forget about those jewel tones such as emerald greens, teals, and purples.