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How to Feng Shui a Cabin in the Woods

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

When people think of Feng Shui, they often think of their home. While this is the most common way to practice Feng Shui, there are many other ways to utilize this energy practice.

With the summer season, I have been doing lots of weekend getaways. Here in the PNW, that is typically backpacking and camping for me, but I do love a more ‘upscale’ way to unwind in nature. That’s where the cabin comes in. As a designer, I’ve also been getting a lot of cabin projects. Clients must have that same idea in mind in to create a space in the woods that one can relax in.

I have to preface the “in the woods” part. Because in Feng Shui, the location of your space and your environment heavily dictate the energy and qi. A cabin in the woods is very different than a cabin on the prairie. Elevation, wildlife, plant species, sun exposure, all affected the energy.

Cabins contain a lot of Wood qi. Think of the iconic log cabin, nestled away in the forest.  There is also a good deal of water and earth energy, which creates a calming vibe. Understanding this energy, you can better enhance and improve the overall Feng Shui for your cabin in the woods.


Dark Moody Colors

Being often near water sources, lakes or rivers, cabins contain water energy. This falls under yin qi, which is calm and soft. Generally speaking, cabins are seen as places to rest, unwind, and recharge, so it’s perfect to strengthen this energy. Dark blues strengthen the water element and help one to unwind and feel cozy. Just keep in to select areas or else this energy tends to feel depressing rather than cozy.

Simple Wood Furniture

Cabins are often small. As such, small scale furniture helps give the space more room to breath and works with the proportion and scale of the space. When choosing furniture for your cabin, try real wood pieces. Wood furniture connects to the wood element, which can help to increase the yang qi of this space.

Have a Fireplace

With all the snuggly vibes that the cabin life can provide, it's important to add some more active energy in the space to balance out this qi. Adding a Fireplace keeps energy circulation throughout the space, otherwise this energy will be come stagnant and thus turning that cozy vibe into more of a creepy cabin feel. We’ve all seen those horror stories!

Vaulted Ceiling

Another way to bring movement and energy into the cabin is through pyramid shapes directing that energy. The vaulted ceiling will keep qi from settling, thus making the space a little more energized. It also helps give the illusion of more square footage by adding volume.

Lots of Windows

Create a better connection to the energy of the land by adding lots of windows to your cabin. It not only strengthens the relationship with the nature, but helps circulate the qi in the cabin, especially when you keep them open.  Plus natural daylight!

There you go. Try adding these into your cabin in woods or lake to bring more fresh energy into the space all season (and year) round. For more on Feng Shui, and to learn it yourself, check out my intro course.


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