How to Feng Shui a Tiny House or Camper Van

Updated: Jun 25

Though I've worked on a lot of homes, one of my favorite projects was designing and working on the Feng Shui for a tiny house. A friend, who is another holistic health coach, has recently decided to live the tiny house life. Understanding the importance of energy, she asked me to consult on her home for the Feng Shui.

Now for those who know me, I’m not only a Feng Shui Consultant/Interior Designer, but I’m also a Tiny House enthusiast. I mean, I now live, work, and travel in my campervan, and prior to that, I had lived in my fareshare of small studios and rental apartments.

Feng Shui’ing tiny houses can be a bit of a challenge. Many models of Feng Shui go off of buildings/structures with multiple rooms, and Tiny Houses are often just one big open space. You are also challenged with the practical and functional aspect of EVERY inch of space counts. This leads to many built-in pieces which leave little for rearranging.

However, if you are building your tiny house from scratch, you can incorporate Feng Shui into the design, just like I did with my friend. Here are some tips to remember when designing and Feng Shui’ing your space.