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How to Feng Shui your Bathroom - Keep the Good Energy from going down the Drain

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

You’ve probably heard from multiple Feng Shui websites and sources how bathrooms are BIG areas of focus in our homes. However, it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming when trying to figure out what to do with your bathroom’s qi. You’re already worried about money, relationships, and success going down that physical and symbolic drain, so it can be paralyzing to do anything at all!

You don’t have to be scared of your bathroom’s Feng Shui though. Granted, each bathroom setup and layout will affect the energy a little different, but here are some easy and practical ways we can start to improve the energy in these spaces.


Keep it Tidy

Bathrooms connect in general to the metal element. As such, metal is the energy of containment and refinement. Keep this qi flowing by keeping a clean and tidy bathroom. Metal qi also does not like clutter, so tidiness also includes making sure you keep messes tucked away and keep things open and spacious. Closed storage is great for keeping clutter tucked away and hidden.

Close your Toilet Lid

A big concern in Feng Shui and bathrooms is for energy to go down the drain. That's because water carries energy. Closing the lid on your toilet when not in use will help prevent the good energy from escaping your home.

Invest in Nice Towels

Since metal is about luxury and beauty, enhance this by investing in some good quality bath linens. Look for towels in high thread count and good material, such as organic Turkish cotton. Try using the color white in these towels as well since that color connects to the metal element as well in Feng Shui.

Reduce the Water Qi

With all the plumbing that goes into these spaces, there is often an excess amount of water qi in bathrooms. To reduce this energy, add the element of wood. Wood absorbs extra water qi. House plants are a great way to add more wood into a bathroom. Plus they help to bring in a bit of greenery as well.

For more Feng Shui guidance, you can schedule a personal consultation to fine tune the energy of your home and your life.

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