How to Feng Shui your Fireplace - Enhance the Energy of your Home

Updated: Jun 25

Fireplaces have been well loved as architectural features for the home. For over thousands of years, people have been using the hearth or fireplace for cooking, warmth, and staying cozy. Today, fireplaces are seldom used, unless for the occasional interior ambience. However, perhaps knowing more about how fireplaces can improve the energy of your home, you will change your mind on how often you utilize this feature in your home.

Fireplaces connect to the element of fire in Feng Shui. The element of fire brings action, movement, and energy into the home. It also connects to the energies of passion, creativity, and joy. If you are wanting to bring any or all of those energies into your home and your life, try these Feng Shui tips on how to enhance your home's fireplace.


Increase the Element of Fire with Tile

Glazed tile connects to the fire element in Feng Shui. Its smooth surface creates fast moving qi (or energy) and increase yang energy. Yang qi is the qi of movement and action. If you want to increase the fire element in this space even more, add glazed tile to strengthen this property. Plus from an interior design standpoint, it creates a beautiful statement and focal point for your room.