How to Feng Shui your Fireplace

Updated: Jun 17

Feng Shui Designer Seattle
Feng Shui your Fireplace

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you’ve probably heard me talking allll about the energies of summer. Seattle is a city that lives in an extreme duality of chi. The winters here are wet, dark and full of Yin chi, while the summers are bright, dry, and Yang heavy.

With all this Yang energy happening, I’ve been noticing my activity levels rising as well. I know though as soon as winter hits, I’ll be back in my Yin state and will need some extra help in order to maintain a balance of energy.

That’s why Feng Shui is so great! We can implement ways to increase or decrease our chi in order to maintain a constant state of harmony, which is a prime focus in this ancient energy practice.

One of the ways we can get a little bit of Yang energy is through the elements. The element of Fire is the most Yang driven chi and can help increase our energy levels during the Yin heavy winters.

A great way to add the Fire element in our spaces is through our fireplaces. These are already gears toward the element, so using this design feature to increase the Yang chi is a perfect solution.

Here are some Feng Shui tricks for working with your fireplace to help improve the chi of your space.

Increase the Element of Fire with Tile

While tile is made from the earth, glazed tile connects to the fire element. It’s smooth surface creates fast moving chi and increase yang energy. If you want to increase the fire element in this space even more, add glazed tile to strengthen this property.

Display your Wood

Feng Shui Designer Seattle
Vaulted ceilings connect to the fire element

Wood feeds Fire, thus increasing the fire element in the space. Stacking it vertical helps to strengthen wood chi more due to the upward and growing direction this chi produces. It’s a perfect pairing to add wood to your fireplace display. It also makes for a striking design feature.

Add Earth Soften the Fire Element

Feng Shui Designer Seattle
Bonus Earth qi points for the brick fireplace

Too much fire element? Add Earth, as it slows down fast moving chi (rather than depleting it like water). Bookcases flanking either side help to soften and tone down this energetic chi.

Corner Fireplaces = Good for Chi

Feng Shui Seattle
This corner is getting even more qi with the plants

Corners of rooms end up with a lot of stagnant chi, which isn’t ideal in terms of good Feng Shui. Chi wants to flow freely, so in order to stir up the chi in those areas, fireplaces are good in terms of bursting and moving this energy around.