How to Feng Shui your Studio Apartment

Updated: Jun 16

Let’s face it, not all of us can afford a one or two bedroom apartment as soon as we graduate college and move away from home. In booming cities, the demand of a good location alone can mean having a studio apartment as your only option.

Studio apartments are not only growing in popularity because they are a less expensive option for urban living, but their tiny spaces are ideal for those who wish to practice a minimalistic lifestyle. Studios also present the opportunity of creative problem-solving, trying to fit your whole life into one room, while still having a home-like vibe. You can get some tips and ideas on how to decorate your studio in my post, “How do Decorate your Studio Apartment“.

Decorating your studio apartment can seem challenging. Decorating your studio apartment with a Feng Shui mindset can be even more of a challenge however. With your bedroom, dining room, living room, home office, all in the same room, the abundance of different energies can be overwhelming for such a tiny space. For example, a bedroom should have yin chi, which is calming and slow moving, but a living room should have yang chi, which is fast-paced and exciting. The chi of your apartment can lack direction and focus, thus affecting our own personal wellness.

When our space, our home, is out of order, it affects us on a subconscious level. This can manifest into lack of sleep, low motivation, and impact other areas of our life, from work to personal relationships. To help us maintain a harmonious relationship to the chi in our space, here are some tips and tricks for Feng Shui in a studio apartment.

Add lots of Texture to your Bedding

Bedrooms should have lots of Yin energy, otherwise known as the feminine energy. It calms and slows down the qi of a space, making it an ideal spot for rest and relaxation. Fabrics are associated with Yin energy. Layer on your bed with different textures to help slow down the movement of energy.

Hang a Wall Tapestry above your Bed


Like on your bed, a fabric above your head helps to ground energy, making it Yin.

Get a Room Divider

Separating your space not only visually, wall dividers help to slow down the flow of energy. This is useful if you have to different types of energy next to each other. For example, if you bed area (Yin energy) is next to your kitchen (Yang energy).

Have a Four-Post or Canopy Bed

If you have tall ceilings, this can create a lot of Yang energy within a space. To help settle some of this energy when you sleep, have a four poster, or canopy bed that will create more of a Yin space. It will help to contain these yin energy when you sleep.

Have Lots of Plants 

Interiors plants bathroom

Plants contain living chi. This is good to help regulate the flow of chi, and keep stagnant energy moving throughout your space.

*Side Note: Plants in a bathroom help absorb too much water chi, depending on the direction your bathroom faces.

With these tips, you will be able to manage the qi of your studio, creating better harmony for your space and self.