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Let Wealth Flow into Your Home with Feng Shui

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Who doesn't like a little more money in their bank account? Especially during a recession! Feng Shui has many practical applications and uses, but one of the most common reasons people utilize Feng Shui is to attract wealth.

In today's world, wealth is seen through money and material goods. However, this root qi is that of abundance. When we are abundant in life, good things naturally flow with ease towards us, money being one of them.

Working with homes, I put together my top Feng Shui and Interior Design tips on what to add to your space to attract money and wealth.


Green Color

Green is the color of growth (and money) in Feng Shui. Bring this into your wealth corner through pillows, furniture, wall art, or paint. Any shade of green works, so you can find a color that matches your design.

Add House Plants

The wealth corner of our homes connects to the wood element, adding plants enhances this element's qi or energy. A snake plant is a great option to further strengthen the energies. Since plants offer living qi, don't be afraid to add a few plants to this area, as you're inviting more wealth energy in. Lucky money plants in Feng Shui are bamboo, money trees, and jade plants.

Add the Water Element

According to Feng Shui teachings, the water element helps in strengthening the wood element. This is why many Chinese restaurants have fish tanks and water features in their spaces. Cures like these, that contain the physical element of water, connect to the money flowing into your life.

Piggy Bank Placement 

If you're still old school and have a money jar or piggy bank, place it in your wealth corner. This physical representation of wealth qi helps to vibrate financial energy and money. Otherwise, this is a good place to put assets and items that relate to wealth and luxury, such as crystals, oil paintings, and other valuable pieces.

Tall Bookcase

Tall forms relate to the wood element. It symbolizes growth, and represents our money and wealth growing. You can add this by a tall bookcase (also books connect to the wood element), highboy dresser, or other tall piece of furniture. Try to have these furniture pieces be made of wood, to connect to the Elemental qi.

Try these design tips and Feng Shui tricks out for yourself. If you want to work more specifically with the energies of your home, your style, and yourself, reach out and book a Feng Shui Consultation.

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