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Neurodivergent Design - Creating a ADHD Friendly Holistic Home

If you are navigating the mind maze that can be neurodivergence, you know that home isn't just a place; it impacts your mental state and emotional wellbeing. Having ADHD myself and working with numerous clients with neurodivergency, your home's design choices can positively impacts your ADHD, working with it to support you, your wellbeing, and your energy. Here are some of my top recommendations when designing an ADHD friendly space and a holistic home.


Satisfy your Senses

In the realm of a neurodivergent-friendly home, sensory overload is so yesterday. Start with a color palette that whispers serenity – think soft blues, gentle greens, and soothing earth tones. Studies have shown how these colors lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels (which cause stress).

Textures? Opt for fabrics that are as cozy as a bear hug and throw in a few fidget-friendly materials for good measure like soft velvets and furry sheepskins. Your home should be your sensory sanctuary, where each texture and hue harmonizes with your comfort.

A big component in holistic homes is incorporating ALL the senses. While sound and smell aren't huge design choices, they still are important aspects that create an overall positive and immersive experience for your home and yourself. Put on some background music to fill your home with good feelings and add calming scents like lavender and vanilla to help you relax.

Fresh modern apartment living room with a plaid rug and blush pink chair
This fresh and cheerful apartment living room is bursting with various textures and happy colors.

Flexible and Fidget Friendly Furniture

Neurospicy souls love two things: new things and movement. When it comes to furniture, choose pieces that are versatile like a modular sofa with various configurations or a sit-to-stand desk for work day options. This gives you the freedom to play around and have FUN in your home.

Speaking of fun, you can choose seats that offer flexibility and fun. Look for wide seated chairs (for you to sit cross-legged, perched, and any position in between) or opt for a swivel chair to soothe those fidgets.

A light filled boho eclectic apartment with papasan chair
Papasan chairs are a good affordable ADHD friendly chair for you to sit cross-legged

Easy Storage Systems

Believe me or not, but it IS possible to be organized with ADHD. Organization is a skill, and this skill just looks different with ADHD. Quick and easily accessible storage is the name of the game. Open lidded baskets and clear storage bins are perfect for the ADHD mind, as it's organized yet helps combat the object permanence issues many people with ADHD face.

Nooks + Corners for Finding ADHD Focus

ADHD or not, focus is your BFF. Craft dedicated zones that are your concentration cocoons. A reading nook by the window where words come alive, a study corner with a desk that's your productivity power spot, and even a creativity corner where your mind takes flight. These zen zones are where the real magic happens – where you dive into your world and let your thoughts roam free.

A reading nook in blue wallpaper
In Feng Shui, aloves help to contain energy, which is why they're great focus hubs!

Your home shouldn't add to the list of reasons why you're overstimulated, stressed, and overwhelmed. Knowing these holistic home hacks, you can create a space that supports your neurodivergent mind and is ADHD friendly. For more ADHD help on your home, you can reach out and inquire about my services.

Your Holistic Home Helper,



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