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The Best Armchairs for your ADHD - How to Sit Comfortably in your Home

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Creating a home that is better for your ADHD is more than decluttering, keeping tidy, and organizing your things. It also has to do with the products you bring into your home and the furniture you buy. So let's talk about one of the biggest investments for someone with ADHD....chairs.

If you're like me you've never sat normally in a chair. I would constantly be squatting at the dining room table when eating breakfast as a kid, sitting crossed-legged in my desk chair while at work, and rolled into a ball of limbs when watching TV on the sofa. I always just took this as a weird personal quirk until I found out that it might be due to my ADHD.

People with ADHD have a reputation of fidgeting and not being able to sit still. Typical chairs and seats just won't cut it for someone with a neurodivergent mind, but thankfully in design, we've come a long way to come up with multiple ways to sit stylishly when you can't sit still.

Want to find the best chair for your ADHD? Then read on for this helpful list of things to look for in your next armchair.


Swivel Chairs

Sitting still is an big challenge for many folks with ADHD. That's why swivel chairs are great for working with one's fidgeting rather than against it. Swivel chairs offer flexibility and movement while looking chic and stylish in one's home.

I personally love a good swivel with a curved back. Having a chair that envelops you with it's swooped back is more ergonomic and provides a better sense of comfort and protection from a psychological and energetic standpoint.

Rocking Chairs

If swiveling side to side isn't your jam, try back and forth instead. Rocking chairs are a classic chair that aren't just for nursery rooms, but are perfect for those with ADHD. That is because they help with the fidgeting movements as well. Plus they come in a variety of designs and looks so you can find the perfect one for your home's style.

No arms to block your cross-legged seat here

Wide Seats and Low/No Arms

Another classic pose for the ADHD individual is the contorting pretzel. It's not quite a cross-legged stance, and it isn't quite a twisted yoga pose. It's a bit of a hybrid of random leg positions, a hunched back, and an awkward squat (depending on the certain preference for the ADHD individual).

For all those contorting pretzels out there, go for a wide seated chair with no or low arms. This offers a comfy wide base for all your pretzel poses without any obstructions from high arms and tiny cushions. Plus these chairs look great in modern design due to their sleek and minimal low profile.

Floor Cushions

Another option alternative to chairs is for those with ADHD to sit on the floor. Often times, people with ADHD enjoy sitting on the floor because it offers a variety of freedom in movement. Instead of sitting on an uncomfortable hard wooden floor though, get a nice floor cushion to protect your body and provide a comfier sitting experience. These bring a more casual and bohemian look to your home and can be extra seating for the occasional large group gathering.

PS Floor Cushions also make great large pillows

Play Chairs

Who says playtime has to just be for the kids? If you have ADHD, you probably still enjoy the fun elements of your childhood, such as swings and playgrounds. That's because these provide both physical and mental stimulation, and for an overactive ADHD brain (and body), this makes a big impact.

You can bring these elements into your living room and home through fun 'play' chairs. These chairs are often hanging, providing that swing-like feel. The also make for a unique statement piece for your room's design and will no doubt be your favorite seat in your home.

Try one or all of these chairs out for each space in your home and start sitting more comfortably in your space!

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