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Plants and Herbs for Celebrating Mabon

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

We can feel it in the air, the crisp coolness, the rustling of leaves….fall is near. The Fall Equinox (which is around the 21st – 23rd of September each year) is known by Wiccans, pagans, and other witchy beings as Mabon. This is the festival often referred to as the Witches Thanksgiving. It is the second harvest of the three harvest festivals (the first being Lammas), and it a time to enjoying the benefits of a bountiful harvest. Often this celebration correlates with heartier meals and prepared dishes such as wine, beer/mead, breads, root vegetables.

Mabon is also a time of the year to pay respect to the approaching darkness of winter. Summer’s active energies are dwindling, and we take this time to start turning inward, taking this time to reflect and focus on inner shadow work.

How ever you wish to celebrate this fall season, plants associated with Mabon can help you connect with that aspect you wish to honor. Here are common plants associated with the Mabon festival.



Many myths connect apples to wisdom and immorality. They represent the cycle of death, the womb, and the divine female. As such, it is seen by many pagans and neo-witches as a symbol of the Triple Moon Goddess. As Mabon is the transition and halfway between the Summer and Winter Solstices, apples connect to this aspect of death and rebirth.

Uses: Divine Female, Death, Wisdom, Beauty, Love Witch’s Tip: Try an apple flavored tea

Fallen apples on the ground
Apples connect to love, death, and the underworld

Acorn (Oak)

Seen as containing fire and sun energy, oaks are powerful and strong. Their seed, the acorn contains not only this energy, but is associated with prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. In Germany, oaks are connected to the Fae, as Oak Trees are a favorite dwelling of this creature.

Use: Wealth, Abundance, Good Fortune Spells, Health spells, Solar Spells, Courage/Strength

Witch’s Tip: Oak bark is great for spells and good for digestion.

A field of wheat grasses
Wheat, Oats, and Grains symbolize abundance and wealth

Barley, Oats, and Wheat

Grains were a source of food and means of trade. A good harvest meant good fortune for the winter ahead not only in survival but having extra stores to sell. Because of this, wheat, oats, and other grains are associated with good fortune and prosperity.

Use: Good fortune, wealth, and money spells.

Witch’s Tip: Oat Tops are great for teas as they help with stress and relaxation

A field of marigolds
Marigolds are commonly used in Los Dia de los Muertos


Blooming during the late summer months and associated with solar energy, Marigold is a flower that transitions with the seasons. Being so, it is often used in fall holidays such as Los Dias de Los Muertos, The Day of the Dead. Mexican shamans would smoke this plant to induce psychic visions and divination. It was also used to produce clairvoyance, allowing one to see magical creatures.

Use: Psychic work, divination, connecting to other spiritual realms, solar spells.

Witch’s Tip: Calendula flowers are great to add into bath magick

A milkweed plant in bloom
Milkweed attracts monarch butterflies


Associated with the moon, Milkweed provides a link to divination and psychic protection. It’s scent attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, as well as fairies.

Uses: Fae magick, divination, psychic protection, wishes, lunar spells.


The latin root for Sage is to heal. As such, sage has been used by many in healing, cleansing and purification rituals. Romans associated it with the harvest season, and highly prized it for its many uses. It has been used in many death ceremonies to alleviate grief, wish for immorality, and protected the living from negative energies.

Uses: Wishes, purification, protection, wisdom.

Witch’s Tip: Use garden variety sage instead of white sage for sustainable and ethical witchcraft

Garden variety sage
Use garden sage for your witchy magic

Add these plants and herbs into your fall season and spellcrafting! You can incorporate more autumn magick into your life with my Seasonal Living ebooks. Claim your copy for the fall season!

Your Holistic Home Helper,


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