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Simple Tips for Adding Storage to your Tiny Bathroom

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Despite my efforts to transition into a more minimalistic lifestyle, I find myself with an excessive amount of bathroom items. Essentials oils, soaps, bath salts, lotions, toiletries…the urban homesteader in me can’t stop. Nothing says a relaxing bath like your own special blended bath salts!

Even if you don’t find yourself in the odd tug-of-war that I am currently in, bathrooms are one place where extra storage is key. Often times the tiniest spaces in our homes, they are packed with ointments, beauty products, hair tools, towels/linens, extra tissue boxes and toilet paper, toiletries, etc. Where do you put all this stuff?

Perhaps you’re lucky and have bathrooms with ample amounts of drawers and storage options, but if you are like me, a current renter, you may have some challenges when it comes to adding storage into your already existing space.

But fear not, these challenges bring creative solutions. So if you’re vying for some extra storage in your tiny bathroom, try these simple tips. No sledge hammers required!


Medicine Cabinet


Swapping out a mirror for a medicine cabinet (or having both) is a smart way to add hidden storage to a tiny bathroom. Who wants to see all those bottles and ointments anyway?

Storage Cart


Those IKEA carts are so dang practical! Pick up one to store makeup bags, tissue, toilet paper, and turn it into a cute yet efficient storage option!

Open Shelving above the Toilet

What a tiny bath lacks in square footage, it makes up for in vertical storage possibilities. Having a couple shelves above your toilet is not only the perfect spot for more storage, but it creates a cute vignette as well. Add glass jars filled with bath salts, cotton balls, and lotions for a quaint apothecary look.

Ledge under Mirror


It may be a small addition, but having a little ledge under your vanity mirror is great for those quick grab items, such as toothbrush, makeup brushes, and anything else you use on a daily basis. This way, it leave your sink top tidy and clean.

Leaning Ladder for Extra Towels & Linens


A leaning ladder takes up little space but offers a good use of storage for extra bath and hand towels.

Storage Baskets under your Pedestal Sink

If your bathroom has an apothecary sink, a space saving option is to add baskets to that open dead space underneath. Have a basket for hairdryers/straighteners, one for dirty linens, extra toilet paper, or whatever big and bulky you can think of storing.


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