Sweet and Dandy Dandelion Jelly

Updated: Jun 12

Make a Wish! When that phrase is said, there area a couple of objects that come to mind: candles, birthday cake, shooting stars, and dandelions. Because I’m a hedge witch, I’m referring to dandelions in this case (though I do enjoy those celestial blessings).

Dandelion – just a pesky little weed right? WRONG! As far as common plants go, dandelions are one of the most nutritious out there. And they grow EVERYWHERE!

And since they have been popping up everywhere, I decided to take advantage of the season by foraging some. The great part is that since they are so abundant, I only had to go to the local park. One thing to be mindful of with foraging in urban areas is to make sure there isn’t pesticides or chemicals sprayed on these plants. Granted, Seattle’s parks are pretty lush in ferns, old growth trees, and native plants so I was able to find some spray-free dandelions.

Every part of the dandelion can be used, from the roots, to the leaves, to even the pretty petals, which is what today’s recipe is all about! The flowers of the dandelions are a favorite of bees for their sweet scent and taste, and we can get in on this action too! I’m embracing my bumble-bee spirit with this vegan sweetener using those pretty yellow petals.

Before I dive into the recipe, I want to talk more about all the great benefits of dandelion, since they are so nutritious. Here are a couple health benefits of dandelion petals.