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The Energy of Lines - How to Bring Intention into your Home with this Element of Design

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

If you've ever been interested in designing and decorating your home, you most likely have focused on color. While it's true that color schemes and palettes bring so much into a room's style and look, it's only a small aspect when it comes to design.

Color is one of the elements of design, and these elements help to make a harmonious and balanced look to a home. There are quite a few elements of design: color, space, shape/form, and line.

Let's look a line shall we? Like I mentioned, lines are one of the elements of design and can help to create a certain look and feel for a space, but did you also know that different lines have different energies? Working with specific line types, you can change up the intention and energetic tone of your whole space.

Want to learn how to use line to enhance and elevate your home's interior design and energy? Read on to find out what each line type represents.


Vertical Lines

Vertical lines draw your eye up in a space. This is helpful when working in small square footages that you want to give the illusion of more space. Adding vertical elements, such as a tall bookcase or wall paneling can lead your eye towards the ceiling, thus making a room appear larger than it actually is.

In terms of Feng Shui, vertical lines connect to the element of wood. This energy is of growth and abundance. Like trees grow tall, adding this line type can bring growth and movement in your home.

Horizontal lines move your eye across this condo living room

Horizontal Lines

If you find yourself drawn to the Japanese Zen style design, you could be attracted to the line type. Horizontal lines are common in both Zen interiors and minimalist homes and promote a sense of groundedness. This line type moves your eye across the horizon of a room, thus providing a calm and relaxing feel for spaces.

In Feng Shui, horizontal lines connect to the element of earth. This energy is grounding, relaxing, and helps settle energy. If you are wanting to bring this energy into your home, try it out in low height and elongated furniture, such as a long media unit or beautiful lengthy kitchen island. You can even apply this to your walls through a two-toned color application or adding pieces such as wide floating shelves.

Curved Lines

In all the straight lines a home can have, it's nice to bring in some curves! Curves help to soften up a room, whether this be in architectural features like an archway, or a furniture piece like a curved back chair. It breaks up the repetition of linear elements and is great to use as a statement design feature.

This soothing line type is feminine in its nature, and connects to yin qi in Feng Shui. Feminine energy is soft, gentle, calm, and contained. Arches and alcoves are a great architectural feature to have in a home to bring this energy in. Otherwise there are ways to decorate with this line type, such as circular coffee tables, rounded sofas, or even an arched mirror.

A curved opening helps to soften all the right angles in this cute tea shop

Angled Lines

Another way to break up the consistency of straight lines is to throw in some angles. Opposite of curves, angles activate a room, brining in intense energy. Think about it like an EKG for your heart. An active and high heartbeat, the more zigzags and movement on the monitor. The same is true for your home. The more angles, the more busy a room will feel, so use this line type sparingly and with intention.

In Feng Shui, angled lines contain strong masculine energy. This is the qi of action, movement, and excitement. This can be problematic in architectural features such as angled rooms, as these points represent poison arrows in Feng Shui, a fast moving burst of qi. However, in smaller applications, such as a patterned rug, pillow, or even wall application, it can be a great way to bring in more energy to a room or design that needs it.

Choose which line types you want to include in your home's interior and design based on the energy. Remember, you can add line type in a lot of various ways, from architectural details to furniture to even patterns and prints.

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