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The Psychology of Color - What your Wall Paint can tell about your Energy

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

I can be brown, I can be blue, I can be violet sky....not sure if you ever heard that Mika song, but I love the lyrics of how we can associate feelings with colors. And we do! Color has a huge impact on our psychology, mood, and energy. You might already sense this when you wear a certain colored dress or see your favorite flower. One way in which you can also connect to color is through your home.

There are so many ways to bring color into your home. You can get some ideas and inspiration by checking out my other post, but today we are talking about how color impacts your home and yourself!

Which color of the rainbow connects with you and your home's energy? Read on to find out the meanings behind the classic colors.



Red is one of the most intense colors to the eye. No wonder it is used in traffic signs and DO NOT ENTER plaques. Red's energy is Yang based, and reflects action, energy, and movement. It has actually been shown to increase blood pressure. Connected to the Root or Base Chakra, it also relates to passion, sexual energy, and lust. Does the Red Light District ring a bell? Depending on the culture, red can also symbolize other energetic properties. For example, in China, red is the color of good luck and fortune.

Design Tip: If you love the color red, try it in smaller applications, such as pillows or artwork. Or use it in areas that works with that active energy, such as a living room.


Connected to the Sacral Chakra, orange brings in creativity and physical vital energy. It's an active color that boosts energy, motivation, and stimulates movement. That's why a lot of gym and fitness companies use the color orange in their logos and branding. Use this color in your more active areas, such as a home gym or living room to boost the energy of that space.

Design Tip: To soften the intense and active energy of the color orange, try a lighter tint of orange to keep the energy active but create a brighter feel.


Seen in sunflowers, sunshine, and the solar chakra, yellow's energy is connect to the sun. The sun's energy is warmth, joy, energy, and abundance. As so, yellow is a positive color to add to your space. It can boost your mood, promoting happiness and positivity. Connected to the Solar Plexus, it helps in boosting your will and motivation. In Feng Shui, the color yellow connects to the wealth sector and can bring in abundance and good fortune.

Design Tip: Since yellow is an active yang color, try it in smaller applications, such as a piece of furniture. You can even tone down the yellow to bring more of a grounded, calm feel to this bright color by choosing a muted or darker yellow, such as mustard or ochre.


According to studies, green is one of the most calming colors there is. Soothing our emotions and stress, it helps to bring a calm and relaxing energy to any space it is in. That might be because green has strong connections to nature, and there has been numerous research showing how nature is beneficial for your health and wellbeing. Add it to a space you want to create a peaceful and tranquil feel. Aside from a calming energy, green connects to health and freshness. It can be used to bring this energy into a space as well, and is a popular color in Feng Shui to support a healthy lifestyle.

Design Tip: To create a more calming green try a muted green with less value or a darker green with more black added to the hue.


Need a bit of serenity and tranquility in your life. Then try the color blue. Blue is an extremely calming color and has been shown to lower blood pressure and relax the mind. It's great in relaxing spaces such as the bedroom, and can help you unwind at home. Blue connects to the Throat Chakra, and can connect to one's voice, communication, and creativity. It can help you in unblocking your authentic voice and speaking your truth.

Design Tip: If you're prone to depression, don't overdue blue. Having a darker blue, such as a navy or midnight can actually make you feel more depressed in your space. Instead, try a lighter blue, like robin's egg or a soft grey-blue.


Did you know that purple was once considered one of the most luxurious colors? That was because back in the day, when color was extracted from plants and flowers, creating the color purple was very difficult and rare. That made it extremely costly of a dye, and only the rich and royal could afford it. Purple still holds this symbolism today as a color of wealth and royalty. Aside from its luxurious associations, the color purple connects to the Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra is associated with spirituality, divinity, and one's higher self. Use the color purple in your interior design to attract these energies into your home and your life.

Design Tip: To ground the spiritual energy of purple, try a darker shade of this color. An eggplant or plum offers the rich luxurious look while being grounded as well.


Boys are blue and girls are pink right? Well, even though gender norms have come along way, the color pink is still strongly associated with soft, feminine energy. In Feng Shui, the color pink is associated with the relationship sector and connects to romance, love, and flirtation. It is a whimsical color that brings a lighter and more fun side to love. Try adding it to your home or design to connect to these enchanting energies.

Design Tip: Add more whimsy to this flirty color by trying it in a fun wallpaper or bold statement chair. Just don't overdue it, making your space feel like Barbie's Mansion.


Symbolizing purity, cleanliness, and clarity, white is a create color for creating more mental focus and making a room feel more refreshed. As white is the reflection of color, it can also be used in reflecting excess thoughts and removing mental blockages. It also is associated with cleanliness. That is why it is a common color that was used in mental wards and more clinical settings. You can use this color too if you are wanting to clear and clean up your home physically, mentally, and energetically.

Design Tip: An all white room might actually make you feel a bit mental. Try adding elements to create a bit of visual interest, such as heavy texture or unique forms and shapes into your room if you choose to do all white walls.


Black is a color with many meanings. As it should be, as black is the absorption of all colors on the light spectrum. Black is mysterious and magickal, having associations with witches, sdfsdfsdf, and the occult. Black is luxurious and elegant, being associated with black tie events and the classic little black dress. Black is edgy as well, connecting to the punk scene and more macab images like death. In an interior, black can be intense, adding high contrast and visual interest into a room.

Design Tip: Since black is the absorption of all colors, it can be intense to work with, offering high contrast to lighter colors it is paired with. Try it in select ways, like through fixtures or accent tables.


Neutral and natural, the color brown connects strongly to the energies of earth. Grounding, it is a very supportive color that can make a space feel more cozy and warm. It also is a color that brings relaxation and calmness, representing the calming associations of nature. It's a great color for those who are wanting to connect to nature and bring that more into their home.

Design Tip: A too brown room can actually have the opposite effect of being cozy to that of being more confining. If you are already incorporating natural wood tones, don't add extra brown through upholstery and art. Instead, add lighter colors to aid in brown's soothing energy.


A grey colored room is practical, serious, and no-nonsense. That is why this color is used in commercial office spaces and many businesses. It is a color that is timeless and works with many other color pairings, making it safe for those who want to add color, but are afraid to invest in a green sofa or yellow rug. Being a sensible color, it is great for those who want a timeless and more practically designed home.

Design Tip: If you want to add more warmth to this often cool color, choose a grey with warmer undertones to bring a bit more coziness to your home.

If you're wanting even more color info, or want assistance in coming up with the perfect color combo for your interior design and home, you can schedule a personal color consultation with me. It's a colorful world we live in, and your home should reflect the color of you!

Your Holistic Home Helper,



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