What is the Meaning Behind your Door's Color

Updated: Jun 25

One of my favorite architectural features is doors. Being into symbolism, I found beauty and power in the message of a door. Doors are portals of change. Physically, they connect two separate spaces, joining them and allowing one to pass between. This is true for its symbolic meaning as well, being an opening and transitional marker into new energies.

People from all eras and cultures understood this power behind doors and would enhance their entrances to work with this energy. Some people would hang protective plaques, such as the Evil Eye, and some would place objects right next to these doors to attract or repel energies. One of the most common ways people would do this however was through color.

Nowadays, most people paint their doors for curb appeal. We can still work with these powerful associations of color however to curate the type of energy we want our house to foster. Find which door color works for you.



Seattle Feng Shui Consultant
This red door pops against the soft blue