Where to Add Extra Storage for your Tiny House

Updated: Jun 25

I've been getting a lot of tiny house designs for my company recently. Which I love! Tiny homes are so much fun for me to design. It's a big creative and problem solving challenge to fit your whole life in 200 sf or less. Especially when it come to storage.

Storage solutions are a HUGE market in the design world...but tiny house storage? Even more of a demand. Like I said, how do you fit all of these everyday items, such as kitchen gadgets, clothing, cleaning supplies, into an area that's already tight on space? That's when you come to an interior designer (well...one of the reasons).

Interior designers do more than just pick out pretty pillows and paint. We problem solve difficult layouts, find solutions to complex programming requirements, while making the space beautiful (and not just utilitarian). But since we're talking storage solutions today, I'll leave those beauty hacks for another post.

Here are some clever ways you can add more storage to your tiny house design.