Which Witchy Herbs to use for your Summer Solstice Spells

Updated: Jun 12

The summer solstice for many pagans is known as either Litha or Midsummer. Falling between the 20-22nd of June, it marks the longest day of the year. At this time, the sun is at its strongest magick.

Many traditions revolved around the sun and honoring this heightened fire energy. Bonfires, solar dances, and sun spells were common ways to celebrate this time of the year.

Pagan holidays and their traditions incorporate items found in nature, such as fruit, trees, and herbs. Paganism has a deep EcoSpiritual connection, from celebrating the cycle of the seasons to working with the four elements. Items found in nature contain their own magick, and pagans utilize this in their own crafts.

Whatever your traditions are for Midsummer, here are plants to bring to your magick practice this year…



Oaks are a well known symbol of the Summer Solstice. One of the stories associated with this tree is the legend of the Oak King. According to many Celtic traditions, the natural world is ruled by two kings; the Oak King and the Holly King. The Oak King rules the warmer months of the year, daylight, and summer, while the Holly King rules the cooler months, night, and winter. During the solstices, the two kings battle one another. At the Summer Solstice, the Oak King is defeated by the Holly King, symbolizing the approach of winter ahead.

Use: Money, success, & good fortune spells, strength & health