Witchy Ways to make the most of Lughnasadh/Lammas

Updated: Jun 12

August 1st marks the pagan holidays of Lughnasadh and Lammas. Lughnasadh is the traditional pagan celebration on this day, which honors the god Lugh. Lugh is the Celtic god associated with the harvest.

Early Christians later took over this day to celebrate Lammas, or Loaf’s Mass, a holiday to celebrate the harvest as well as the first communion of breaking bread. Today, these holidays seem to be interchangeable among Neopagans as both celebrate harvests.

At this time in the season, early summer’s harvests are ripe and ready for picking. It was a time to start processing these foods for the long winter months ahead. People would have festivals and rituals thanking the gods for this prosperity and abundance.

Being the first of the three harvests, Lughnasadh/Lammas was a time of crafting and hard work. Reaping the rewards of summer, people would turn their bounty into items to sustain them for the winter.

Looking to celebrate your own Lughnasadh/Lammas? Here are a few ways you can connect to this energy.


Bake Bread

Baking bread is a common ritual during this time. Since grain was seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity (as an abundance of this would mean survival for the long winter), baking bread is a magickal ritual you can do to call forth more abundance and prosperity into your life.