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your holistic home helper

Using the professional title, Interior Designer, Feng Shui Consultant, Professional Organizer, and Home Living Coach can be a bit of a mouthful. So you can just call me your Holistic Home Helper. Because it's my mission to help you improve your home so you can enjoy better health, happiness, and wellbeing. 


I believe knowledge is power, and the more you know why your home is impacting your wellbeing, the more likely you are to make improvements to your home. It's like that teach a man to fish saying...except instead of a fish it's your home!


Whether it's an hour consultation or a full scale design job, you'll walk away with a better space than before. Small changes can make a huge different, but so can dramatic ones. It's up to you and where you are currently at in your home relationship.


There is a lot of stigma and gatekeeping in the Interior Design and Feng Shui worlds. I want you to feel empowered in the design process and the decisions you're making with your home. You deserve to have a home you love, and I'll help you get there!


You're a DIYer but you've been whacking your head against a wall with searching for a color scheme for your living room, or you've read a little about Feng Shui but when it comes to your home, you're totally lost. You've got this. You just need a little guidance and help along the way. From getting help to Feng Shui your home to choosing the right color blue for your bedroom, a consultation is a great way to get clarity and start making progress in your home.

Holistic Design Work

True talk, HGTV makes design look easy, when the reality is so much more frustrating, overwhelming, and confusing. Those are the emotions they keep behind the scenes, but when you take on a home remodel project or living room refresh, those emotions are center stage. But they don't have to be! When I say I'm your holistic home helper, I mean it! We will work together (okay, I work, you get to actually enjoy the design process) to come up with a design that reflects you, your personality, and your energy while keeping in mind those boundaries of time and budget.


Want to pull together a whole room or you just need to select the perfect sectional to fit your living room? I'll help you find pieces you'll love in your space!


The art and decor is like the jewelry of a space, helping to pull a look together. In what I like to call 'an energetic aesthetic', we find accessories that connect to you, strengthening your connection to your space.


Need the perfect zen feel for your bathroom? Or want that modern bohemian look mixed with dark academia? Let's nail down your personal aesthetic!


From figuring out the best arrangement for your living room to picking out the right size dining table to host Thanksgiving, maximize your spaces better and unlock their full potential.


It can be tricky to find that right shade of blue for your bedroom, or that perfect crisp white. Let's come up with a color scheme that you will love!


Need help finding the right countertop? Or want a wallpaper for your powder room that will really WOW. We will find the perfect finishes and materials to fit your design, taste, and lifestyle needs.

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hello holistic home program

If you want to transform your home into a healing sanctuary AND learn how to do it yourself, my Hello Holistic Home Program takes you on a journey of space and self. It's part educational, part exploration, and 100% an enjoyable and enhancing experience! 

want more?

If you're needing more clarity on figuring out what exactly your home needs and how we can work together, please reach out with an email or book a call and let's chat!

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