What does your home need and how can I help?

Deep down you know your home needs some help. Just a little TLC, yet you're too overwhelmed, busy, and don't know where to begin? I got you. Find what option of help works best for you and get the exact help you and your home need.


You're a DIYer but you've been whacking your head against a wall with searching for a color scheme for your living room, or you've read a little about Feng Shui but when it comes to your home, you're totally lost. You've got this. You just need a little guidance and help along the way. From getting help to Feng Shui your home for a successful sale to choosing the right color blue for your bedroom, a consultation is a great way to get clarity and start making progress in your home.



Ever wonder how good the energy is in your home and how exactly it's affecting you? Find out what's up with the vibes of your place and get customized cures to improve the flow of energy, improve your wellbeing, and help manifest your goals/dreams.


Need design help but don't need the full HGTV level of transformation? Get a design consultation for your specific home questions. Book one call or we can continue to work together at a slower pace per your home's projects.


Overwhelmed with clutter? Need to Marie Kondo your home? Want an overall list of tips and ways to improve your home from a holistic perspective? For those special home help needs, I've got special consultations just for you.

Holistic Design Work

True talk, HGTV makes design look easy, when the reality is so much more frustrating, overwhelming, and confusing. Those are the emotions they keep behind the scenes, but when you take on a home remodel project or living room refresh, those emotions are center stage. But they don't have to be! When I say I'm your holistic home helper, I mean it! We will work together (okay, I work, you get to actually enjoy the design process) to come up with a design that reflects you, your personality, and your energy while keeping in mind those boundaries of time and budget.



Want to pull together a whole room or you just need a select sectional, I'll help you find pieces you'll love in your space!



This is where we curate those tiny details that make a space, from perfectly styled bookshelves to that picture gallery wall to make any artist swoon.



Need the perfect zen feel for your bathroom? Or want that modern bohemian look? Let's nail down your personal aesthetic!



From figuring out the best arrangement for your living room to picking out the right size dining table to host Thanksgiving, maximize your spaces better!


It can be tricky to find that right shade of blue for your bedroom, or that perfect crisp white. Let a design professional help!


From kitchen backsplashes to quirky powder room wallpaper, get assistance in material selections and sourcing! 

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Classes + Courses

Maybe you're an aspiring designer yourself or the idea of creating your own home sounds more fun than frustrating. Or perhaps your fascinated with Feng Shui, want to understand the secrets of design yourself, or to learn about aspects of holistic homes and ecospiritual living, like foraging or gardening (pssss homesteads are homes too). Take a class or a course in what you want to learn more of with homes.


Tired of going through the decluttering process only to go back to square 1 a couple months later? Decluttering the home is more than just throwing out items, it's understanding the psychological and emotional reasons behind the mess and the habits you can have to help keep your home tidy. Check out the decluttering class for your ultimate guide to handling your home's messes.


Want to understand Feng Shui, but every blog or book makes you more confused then when you started? Get clarity once and for all and find out the secrets to this metaphysical and mystical way to design your home. Check out the Intro to Feng Shui Class.


A home is more than the furniture and products in it, but the lifestyle you live in it as well. Learn all about holistic living for your holistic home. From homesteading classes to lifestyle ebooks, find a variety of resources and ways to live a more ecospiritual life.