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An urban condo for
global Travelers

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Even the most wanderlust explorers need a place to call home. For a family of globetrotters, their condo acted as a curio for their travel collections. Aside from wanting a design that highlighted their unique finds, they desired a more functional space geared towards organization.

Custom storage was added to the small unused spaces of this condo, such as built-ins for the closets and custom cabinetry below their massive quartz fireplace hearth. These small yet subtle features blend perfectly into the original condo, making it feel like they were here all along. 

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In the bedroom, a once impractical and blank room is transformed into a moody bohemian oasis. A new upholstered bed blend into the deep muted blue tones in the accent headboard wall, acting as the focal point for the space. To contrast these cooler colors, warm walnut woods in the dresser and nightstand act to balance out the design. Global inspired patterns in the textiles of the pillows, rugs, and blankets bring in the personality and passion of this traveling couple.

Another practical problem that was fixed in this bedroom design was the new custom barn door that created some much needed privacy from the bedroom to the master bathroom. The new wood door features an inlay pattern that mimics the other design elements in the room and helps to bring it all together.


But this isn't the only bedroom that got a design makeover. It's a family affair. This little girl's bedroom is a balance of practical and play. The three main zones in this small bedroom are the bed, desk, and reading area. On the back wall, a custom rockwall was installed to literally climb into bed. On the adjacent wall, a work zone is created for study and crafting. Another feature wall creates a focal point for this section as the pegboards are functional and a design element.Lastly, a small reading corner is featured and displays a small collection of bedtime stories.

Photography @ Tina Witherspoon

Completed at Board & Vellum as a part of the Interior Design Team

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