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Best Pantry and Kitchen Organization Products to Create a Tidy Home

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

What is the one place you would like more storage? If you are thinking of your kitchen and pantry, then this post is for you. Also, you're not alone. The kitchen is the number one space that most people desire more (or better) storage.

However new cabinets can be expensive, especially when you get into the customization of certain storage solution features. As a professional organizer, designer, and your holistic home helper, I've seen my share of organization solutions and have put together some of my favorite products.

Want to know what you'll want for a tider kitchen and organized pantry? These products will do the trick while being budget conscious.


Airtight Bamboo Lid Glass Containers

These glass canisters check multiple boxes for me when it comes to pantry organization. For one, I love that these are glass and plastic free. Glass containers are easier to clean, don't leach plastic into your food, and offer a more classy and refined look for your organization. The bamboo lids are a great touch, adding warmth into an otherwise utilitarian room. They come in a set of 9, which I also adore, since consistency and repetition are key in creating a uniform and harmonious look. These jars do err on the smaller side, being only 5.75" tall, but they are great for spices, teas, nuts, or seeds.

50 oz Airtight Glass Canisters

Because buying in bulk is sustainable and affordable, I recommend the large 50 oz glass canister options. This way, you can display and store more of your bulk food like coffee, grains, and beans. Their square design means you take up less space as well!

Acacia Lazy Susan

We love an affordable lazy susan. Lazy susans are great for corners and awkward to reach spaces, and allow for easier access to your items. My favorite way to use them is having one next to my stovetop with common cooking oils, salt, pepper, and my cooking utensils. It makes it convenient to get everything I need and creates a stylish grouping. You can do this for other intention sets of items, like a coffee/tea station, all your spices, a snack station....the possibilities are endless.

Spice Display

This is the only type of spice display I like. There are so many spice displays and racks that feature lazy susans, stacking systems, and many include their own beautiful set of spice jars. In my opinion, this limits their use and overall function. For example, if you have a spice lazy susan that features 16 spice jars, then you are only organizing 16 spices. Plus you have to use the jars provided. Many of us buy spices that already come in jars (as opposed to lose bulk spices), and this is a waste. Based on your cooking style, you might need less or more spices. For me, I love garlic, so I buy bulk sizes of it from Costco. That's why this tier shelf system is great. You have access to seeing all of your spices, but you can arrange them accordingly and in the jars that they come in.

Wire Baskets

When it comes to pantry basket storage, I opt for wire baskets. Their open frame make it easy for air to flow, preventing mold and mildew build up, and their metal material make them durable and easy to clean. These particular baskets are affordably prices and come in a set of 8, giving you an organized and cohesive look on your pantry shelves. They even have a little label space so you can get even more organized.

Drawer Divider

Drawers have been the new cabinet type in recent years due to their better use at organization, but you can still run into the problem of a messy drawer. That's where these drawer dividers come in. They're adjustable, so they fit to any size drawer. It's a good way to further organize a drawer that has multiple types of items so you can find things with more easy.

Utensil Divider

I really don't know how we survived before utensil dividers. Can you imagine the chaos of a drawer full of mixed knives, forks, and spoons? Barbaric. I personally like this bamboo utensil organizer. Obviously because it's bamboo and more beautiful and better than plastic, but it's adjustable as well. This is a game changer! Especially if you move around a lot, this utensil divider can adjust to any drawer width, so you don't have to worry about those awkward gaps that can happen with these types of organization systems.

Cabinet Shelf Rack

Back when I was living in a studio apartment that was severely lacking storage space, these types of cabinet shelving racks really helped in optimizing the space. You can use them to save space for dishes/plates, small pantry items/jars, cups, etc. These Wosovo shelves are great because they feature stackable options so you can store a lot more in a cabinet space.

Sliding Cabinet Basket System

For lower cabinets, storage utilization always seems to be an issue. One of the biggest problems is that objects pushed way to the back get lost and forgotten (or become a hassle to get). This sliding cabinet basket system makes it easier to store items in these lower cabinets while providing accessibility to retrieve your items. Plus they're only 8" wide, so you still have the option to store larger items in your lower cabinets as well.

Under Shelf Hanging Storage Baskets

Another great space utilization storage option for cabinets are these hanging storage baskets. They're great for utilizing that dead space between upper cabinet shelving. Since they're small, I've used them for storing more bag-type items like teas, Trader Joe's trail mix, and other items that don't come in cardboard boxes.

Need more organizing help? Check out the Holistic Declutter Experience, a holistic approach to managing your home's messes and breaking your clutter cycle!

Your Holistic Home Helper,


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