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Where does Clutter show up in your Life? - Identifying the Root of your Clutter Cycle

If you struggle with clutter, you're not alone. In fact, 54% of Americans have clutter problems. Clutter is also one of the biggest stressors in someone's life, leading to some serious health issues down the road.

While clutter is a problem we face in our homes and spaces, this issue goes DEEPER than our room layouts, attic space, and pantry sizes.....clutter is a mindset issue. Because we all may struggle with clutter in different ways.

Figuring out where clutter is showing up in your life is one of the first steps in breaking free from your clutter cycle. Read on to understand the main areas that clutter creeps into your life and your home and some helpful tips to start working on your home's messes.


Letting Go

You've tried decluttering in the past, but when it comes time to let items go, you simply can't. Whether it is rationalizing your reasons for keeping items (I plan to use this when....I might need this if...) or facing intense emotions with sentimental stuff (the guilt of parting with a gift), letting go of items is a challenge.

One of the tools I recommend for my clients is going through an item evaluation. This means bringing attention to every single item and asking a series of questions to probe and determine if the item is clutter or something intention for your home.

Acquiring Things

If you struggle with stuff if you home, it might not be because of letting go. It could be because you keep acquiring things. You can declutter again and again, but if you keep bringing new items into your home, the cycle will continue.

There are many reasons as to why we acquire items. From nostalgia to impulse purchases, we bring in items without intention that turn into clutter. Bringing attention to the intention of the items we want to buy can help us in understanding if this item will be a beneficial addition to our home or just end up as clutter.

A pantry shelf of glass jars
One of the most difficult places to organize in the home is the pantry


Did you know that 80% of the clutter in people's homes is a result of disorganization rather than lack of space. All the items in your home can serve a purpose, but without proper organization, the result turns into visual clutter.

One of the first tips in organizing your home's stuff is figuring out what type of organization works best for you. Are you someone who like logical systems like alphabetizing and labeling, or are you someone who enjoys a little visual stimulation like color coding? Figure out which organization methods you want to use for specific items and areas of your home.

Tidying Up

You've done the decluttering and you've done the organizing, but every couple of months you find yourself back at square one facing the mountain of messes in your home. Keeping tidy is a habit and difficult for many people to maintain.

If tidying up is a challenge for you, one of the tips and tools I teach in my Clutter Course is the 10 minute reset. Consistency is key in habit building, but when it comes to your home, things often pile up for days, even weeks, until you finally are fed up and fold under the clutter you've created. That is where the 10 minute reset comes in. Take 10 minutes at the end of every day to go around your home and reset your spaces. Clean up the dishes in the sink, fold the blankets on the sofa, and take a little extra time each night to set yourself (and your space) up for a successful tomorrow.

A sofa with green pillows
Make resetting your space one of your home habits

As you can see, clutter can show up in many ways. Whatever your clutter struggle (stuff, organizing, or tidying up), you CAN rewrite your clutter story to create a tidy home and a clutter-free life. Check out my Holistic Declutter Experience to gain the tools and make the mindset shifts needed to break free from your clutter cycle!

Your Holistic Home Helper,



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