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How to Decorate for the Fire Element in Feng Shui

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The five elements are a cornerstone to Feng Shui design. Each element contains its own characteristics and qualities that reflect not only a space, but a person as well.

Understanding what your dominant element is can help you better arrange your space to suit your needs and energy. If you don’t know what your primary element is, read through my post, “What’s Your Element” to find out. If you have and it’s brought you here, continue on to find out how to decorate for the Fire Element.


Polarity – Yang

Season – Early Summer

Direction – South

Organ – Heart

Qualities – Love, Passion, Anger, Joy

Needs – Playing, Warmth, Talking


Bold Colors

In Feng Shui, warm colors such as oranges and reds bring a lot of fire energy into a space. Fire Elementals also enjoy bright and vivid colors with heavy saturation. Think vivid and bold. That's the fire element.

Mixed Patterns

Fire elements are bold, dynamic and exciting. They often time are trend-setters and aren’t afraid to mix patterns together. When mixing together patterns, refer to the design principles to see what shapes/patterns work well with one another.

Trendy Design

Since fires are trend-setters, they often go for the latest design trends when styling their homes. Since fire elements also have big personalities, it's important to decorate and design their interiors to match and reflect their energy.

Quirky Statements

Being a bold and dynamic fire element means that your space should make a statement, just like you. Quirky pieces such as this fish chandelier are unusual, eye catching and typically a conversation starter. It speaks to fire qi being unique individuals who like to set themselves apart.

Have an Actual Fire

Okay, don’t burn down your home, but having an actual flame such as a collection of candles or a fireplace is a great way to bring in the fire element according to Feng Shui. These cures can add and connect to the fire energy that you carry with you.

If you want to incorporate the fire element into your space for better flow and harmony, schedule a Feng Shui consultation today!


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