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Discover what your Feng Shui Element is

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

If you've ever been curious about the energy of your home, then you might have heard of Feng Shui.

So what exactly is Feng Shui? Feng Shui literally translates to wind and water. It is the practice of enhancing the energy or qi of a space to align with the energy of its tenant (and visa versa). We feed off of our environments, and working with the energies of a space can better improve our lives.

A key aspect of Feng Shui is using the five elements. These are Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, and Metal. These elements contain their own unique energetic properties and assist in balancing the energy and flow of a space.

Elements are also associated with people. Just as important as including these elements into the home is, it is also important to understand what your elemental make up is as well. People have a dominant or primary element they connect with, and knowing what this element is can help in designing a space that suits their needs.

So how does one find out what their primary element is? There are multiple ways to figuring this out, but in terms of design, here are some key traits for each element. Find out which one you connect with the most, and look for my upcoming blog series which talks about how to decorate for each specific element!



Fire people are energetic, lively, and have a warmth to their personalities. They are dynamic and full of passion and creativity. They like to have fun and keep things new and exciting. Therefore, they are usually switching out trends and constantly changing things up. Their spaces are bright and bold to match their fiery and warm personalities. Fire elements have a bright and eclectic design style. Bold colors, fun patterns, and a bunch of mixing and matching. These people create dynamic and energizing rooms.


Water people are soulful, deep, dreamy and calming. These people enjoy cozying up under a pile of blankets, snuggling up in a comfy chair or anywhere that is relaxing and restful. They are creative and thoughtful people who are usually very intuitive and empathic, reacting to feelings and emotions. In terms of design, they prefer a space that facilitates rest and relaxation. Textural materials and dark palettes speak to their souls. Expect a moody vibe in these spaces.


People who are Earth based have a warm, friendly and kind aspect to them. They are creatures of comfort, straying away from change. Grounded, they are resourceful, practical, and strong willed. Sentimental, their spaces tend to have cherished pieces. Comfort is key, so plush fabrics and soft seating create a space that keeps Earth elements secure while enjoying their favorite activities of eating, chatting, and connecting with others.


Active and energizing, Wood Element people are the type that climb mountains, run marathons, and built furniture….all in a day. They enjoy movement, especially when out in nature, and have hobbies revolving around this. For design, they appreciate fine craftsmanship, and tend to have spaces that showcase well made items. Their spaces are tidy, tailored, and sometimes a little rustic. They are the wood element after all!


Refined and tasteful, there is something classy about Metal people. They are graceful, poised, and detailed. These are the type of people that just look put-together no matter what they do. Metal people have a sleek and minimalist feel to their design. Clean lines, high contrast and lots of space. These spaces are airy, elegant, and simple.

Want to incorporate your element into your space to enhance your life? Schedule a Feng Shui consultation today!


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