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How to Decorate for the Metal Element in Feng Shui

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The five elements are a cornerstone to Feng Shui design. Each element contains its own characteristics and qualities that reflect not only a space, but a person as well.

Understanding what your dominate element is can help you better arrange your space to suit your needs and energy. If you don’t know what your primary element is, read through my post, “What’s Your Element” to find out. If you have and it’s brought you here, continue on to find out how to decorate for the Metal Element.


Polarity – Yin

Season – Autumn

Direction – West

Organ – Lungs

Qualities – Grief, Independence, Righteousness, Focus, Intensity

Needs – Order, Purity, Boundaries


High Contrast

Having an artistic eye, metal people enjoy high contrast when it comes to color…but please, keep it monochromatic. Metal elements like to keep things classy and tend to avoid color, especially the trendy palettes. Black and white is a classic contrasting look.

Bright and Airy

In Feng Shui, wind is also associated with the metal element, so having a space that feels “airy” is something beneficial for metal people. High ceilings and white walls help transform and open up a space.

Simple and Sleek

Metal people tend to not overdo it when it comes to design. They enjoy clean lines and minimal decor. Everything has a place in their homes. Sleek, small scale furniture is a must, which reflects the elegance and class of this element.

A metal element would so appreciate these joinery detail

Design is in the Details

Unlike wood elements, metals enjoy the subtlety of fine details. A sexy niche detail or stair tread design can make them swoon. Are these 500 thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets or a $20 Target purchase? Leave it to a metal element to spot the difference.

If you are wanting to bring in more of the metal element into your space to better the flow of energy in your life, schedule a Feng Shui consultation today!


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