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How to Decorate for the Water Element in Feng Shui

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The five elements are a cornerstone to Feng Shui design. Each element contains its own characteristics and qualities that reflect not only a space, but a person as well.

Understanding what your dominant element is can help you better arrange your space to suit your needs and energy. If you don’t know what your primary element is, read through my post, “What’s Your Element” to find out. If you have and it’s brought you here, continue on to find out how to decorate for the Water Element.


Polarity – Yin

Season – Winter

Direction – North

Organ – Kidney

Qualities – Fear, Intuition, Reflection

Needs – Time Alone, Creativity


Get Globally Inspired

Water elements like curated finds that inspire mystery and curiosity. “Ethnic” treasures such as African Masks, Bali carved trunks, and rattan pendants all connect to this worldly element. Even better if these are pieces you already have from your worldly travels!

Deep & Rich Tones

Water elements are highly introverted and intuitive. To connect to this energy, deep tones and rich, jeweled tones, such as navy blues, eggplant, and hunter’s green sooth these watery souls. In Feng Shui, the color blue connects to the water element, so try all shades and tints of this hue in your home.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Natural textures such as furs (faux please!), wools, rattans, and linen not only add depth to your space but connect to the element of water. Try it in various ways, from wall art such as a macrame tapestry to adding extra pillows to your bed or sofa.

Abstract and Organic Elements

Fluid like water, this element has shapes that are abstract and organic. Paisleys, waves, and spirals all resonate with this qi. You can add this to furniture upholstery, table shapes, and pillow prints.

If you are looking to bring in water qi to better the flow of energy in your home and life, schedule your Feng Shui Consultation today!


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