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How to Decorate for the Wood Element in Feng Shui

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The five elements are a cornerstone to Feng Shui design. Each element contains its own characteristics and qualities that reflect not only a space, but a person as well.

Understanding what your dominant element is can help you better arrange your space to suit your needs and energy. If you don’t know what your primary element is, read through my post, “What’s Your Element” to find out. If you have and it’s brought you here, continue on to find out how to decorate for the Wood Element.


Polarity – Yang

Season – Spring

Direction – East

Organ – Liver

Qualities – Planning, Imagination, Competition, Idealism

Needs – Doing, Focus, Intensity


Closed Storage

Wood elements like to have things organized. They don’t really care how it looks aseptically, but they need a place for everything. Apothecary cabinets, trunks, and bookcases all speak to a wood elements need for tidiness.

Rustic and Reclaimed

Active and outdoorsy people, rustic elements in design resemble a cozy log cabin out in the mountains or woods connect to this element's energy. They like distressed wood, the kinds that show nails, scratches and dents…what you’d call character.

The Color Green

In Feng Shui, the color associated with the wood element is green and all shades of it. It makes sense since forests and woods host a variety of different shades of this color. But please, unless you have an eye for color and can create design palettes, it’s best sticking to one green shade for now.

Tailored and Detailed Pieces

Wood element people like well tailored pieces with fine detail. It shows care and attention to the craft of a piece. Look for tufted cushions, dovetail joints, studs, rich leather and other details that show craftsmanship.


What connects you more to the woods than live plants?! Adding loads of greenery helps wood people feel connected to the outdoors. Plus they’re good for you! Check out my post to see how plants improve our health.

Solid Wood Furniture

None of that MDF and thin wood veneer crap. Wood element people are all about actual wood pieces. They appreciate well crafted and constructed pieces. And you better not paint these either! Wood people like to see the knots and grain of the wood. It’s best not to have everything in your home screaming “I was once a tree!”, so choose key pieces you want to highlight for the wood element, such as a live edge slab table.

If you want to learn more about Feng Shui, be sure to check out my other Feng Shui posts or schedule your Feng Shui consultation today.


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