Five Simple Ways to Help you Start to Declutter your Home

Updated: Oct 11

A messy space = a messy mind.

Studies have shown that a messy space can make you feel more anxious, stressed and result in you being less productive, motivated, and timely. Aside from science proving the negative health effects of a cluttered home, this also creates stagnant qi, which is harmful in Feng Shui.

Since everyone deserves a healthier space, start today by taking that first step to declutter. Easier said than done right? Like many things, there are tips and tricks to making this process more manageable. Read on to find out what my top tips are to decluttering your home.


Step 1: Make it Fun

Decluttering can sound like a frustrating and overwhelming task. Switch up your mindset from daunting chore to enjoyable activity by finding ways to make the decluttering process fun. Put on some music, listen to a Podcast, or even reward yourself afterwards with a spa night, nice dinner, or other type of self-care. Just don’t go out and do shopping therapy. That defeats the purpose of decluttering to begin with.

Step 2: Start in One Area

Depending on the size of your home (and how much you have), decluttering can be a giant undertaking. You thought it was going to only take you a weekend, but it turns out you might be busy for several weeks. Just like with any big project, start small. Try to break down the decluttering into groups. Whether this be based on room or item (clothing for example), having sections of focus on helps the brain to be motivated to complete the task.