How to add Color to your Home’s Interior Design and Style

Updated: Oct 9

Tired of playing it safe with your home? Don’t get me wrong, I love a calming neutral color palette, but sometimes, you just need to add a bit of color. Colors have strong relations to your mood and energy and can help in influencing and enhancing certain feelings. If you’re wanting to know more about which colors influence what reactions, check out my post where I talk about the psychology of color.

But maybe you already know what color you are connected to. Great. So what’s next? You might love the color blue or purple but don’t know how to add it to your home. Well my friend, if you’re looking for some tips and ideas on adding a pop of color to your style, here are some helpful ways to bring that in.


Play with Paint

It’s probably one of the scariest ways to use color. A whole wall (or room) of color? Though it seems like a lot, paint is also one of the most forgiving ways to work with color. That’s because it’s easy to swap out. Tired of the trendy dark green (never!). It is a simple and inexpensive fix to paint over a color rather than reupholster an entire sectional sofa or replace all your kitchen cabinets. If you don’t know how to begin working with color, don’t worry. Check out my helpful resource on ways to work with wall color.