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How to add Color to your Home’s Interior Design and Style

Updated: Jan 20

Tired of playing it safe with your home? Don’t get me wrong, I love a calming neutral color palette, but sometimes, you just need to add a bit of color. Colors have strong relations to your mood and energy and can help in influencing and enhancing certain feelings. If you’re wanting to know more about which colors influence what reactions, check out my post where I talk about the psychology of color.

But maybe you already know what color you are connected to. Great. So what’s next? You might love the color blue or purple but don’t know how to add it to your home. Well my friend, if you’re looking for some tips and ideas on adding a pop of color to your style, here are some helpful ways to bring that in.


Play with Paint

It’s probably one of the scariest ways to use color. A whole wall (or room) of color? Though it seems like a lot, paint is also one of the most forgiving ways to work with color. That’s because it’s easy to swap out. Tired of the trendy dark green? It is a simple and inexpensive fix to paint over a color rather than reupholster an entire sectional sofa or replace all your kitchen cabinets. If you don’t know how to begin working with color, don’t worry. Check out my helpful resource on ways to work with wall color.

Add a Statement Rug

Rugs often get overlooked because they’re under foot and under furniture, but they really do a lot for a room’s look and feel. A rug can actually help to define a certain style for a room. That’s because rugs take up a lot of floor space and their pattern and color is often noticed due to the visual space they take up. A rug’s color (or colors) can also act to pull a palette together for the rest of your room’s design and pieces.

Try some Throw Pillows

If you want to switch up some of your accent color choices to create a different feel for your space, then try updating your throw pillows. Pillows are great for adding not only extra color to a room, but texture as well. A sofa full of pillows is more complete and comfy than a sparse one. A bonus tip for colorful pillows? You don’t have to swap out the whole pillow. You can save the insert while switching out just the covers. Don't you love design tips that also save you money??

Wow with Wall Art

Painting a wall (or room) with color might be intimidating, or you might just constantly want to change up your space. That’s why wall art is a great choice for the indecisive and continual modifiers of homes. Looking for something dramatic? Try a large scaled piece of art, or a series of pieces to create a statement to a wall. Love the eclectic, quirky, and curated color look? A gallery wall might be for you. Aside from framed art, textured wall décor, woven baskets, and fabric pieces can bring color to your walls as well.

Have an 'It Piece'

Sometimes we just want an It Piece. You know, that piece of furniture that grabs your attention in your room. That piece that makes you stop and go ‘WOW’. An It Piece is a statement piece of furniture that is attention grabbing and conversation starting. Typically, a good giveaway of determining an It Piece is through the color of that furniture. Among solid and neutral furniture, a colorful armchair or bold bookcase can capture your attention and add some contrast and drama to your room.

As you can see, there are so many ways to bring color into your home! And if you’re needing a bit more help, guidance, and support in your holistic home styling and journey (especially when it comes to color), I’m happy to help. Reach out for a color consultation OR let me work with you in styling your whole space so you get that perfectly harmonious home!

Your Holistic Home Helper,



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