How to Clean the Energy of your Home

Updated: Jun 15

Traditionally, cleaning the home was a time to get out the mop, broom, and duster. Nowadays, we're learning that cleaning our home is a lot more in depth. Energies have a tendency to stay in our spaces, and doing a cleansing can remove these heavy emotions or stagnant energies. With a house cleaning, not only do our homes feel cleaner, but we are filled with a sense of refreshing energy as well.

Looking to have your home and self feel refreshed? Learn how to properly clean your space.


Have you ever noticed how a messy space can make you feel lethargic and moody? Clutter causes the energy to stagnate, lowering the vibrations in the space which affects our physical and emotional bodies. The first step to cleaning is to remove old, forgotten, and not used items in our homes. It can be a challenge to declutter, so check out my other blog on tips for the decluttering process!

Physically Clean your Homes

Next is the step everyone thinks about when cleaning. It's time to clean the physical space itself. Vacuum the floors, dust the shelves, and scrub the counters (all with EcoFriendly products of course) to prep your space for clean, healthy energy to come into the space.

Energetically Cleanse

 After your room is physically tidy, the negative stagnant energetic print is still there. To remove these, cleanse your space by using herbs for smoke cleansing. I'd advise to not use white sage or palo santo, as these are not the most ethical or sustainable herb options. Instead, check out all these other herbs for clearing.

Bring in Positive Energy

Now that the space is cleaned of the negative energies, bring in positive vibrations. Salt lamps, plants, wall art, natural light, and natural decor pieces are all ways to heighten good vibrations. Hint hint, this is where Feng Shui comes in!

Maintain Upkeep

Even after you have cleansed your space, certain events can bring back negative energies. An argument, a bad day, they can all imprint in your space. It is important to cleanse your space regularly. For everyone this is different, but a guideline would be whenever you start to feel the negative energies or notice dirt or physical mess in your space. Try every month to start maintaining a healthy house cleansing practice.