How to do a House Clearing - The Step by Step way to Cleanse the Energy of your Home

Updated: Mar 31

Ever feel a heavy sense of ick in your home? Sure, things are neat and tidy, and your home looks amazing, but there is an 'off' feeling that you just can't shake. It's probably the energy of your home. That fight with your partner, the frustrating day at work, and the emotional drainage from your call with your mother all leave an impact on your home and your energy levels. Time for a house cleaning.

Traditionally, cleaning the home was a time to get out the mop, broom, and duster. Nowadays, we're learning that cleaning our home is a lot more in depth. Energies have a tendency to stay in your home, and doing a cleansing can remove these heavy emotions or stagnant energies. With a house cleaning, not only does your home feel cleaner, but you are filled with a sense of refreshing energy as well.

Want to get back to feeling refreshed and peaceful in your home? Learn how to properly cleanse your home.


Step 1: Declutter

Have you ever noticed how a messy space can make you feel lethargic and moody? Clutter causes the energy to stagnate, lowering the vibrations in the home which affects your physical and emotional body. The first step to cleaning is to remove old, forgotten, and not used items in your home. It can be a challenge to declutter, so check out my other blog on tips for the decluttering process!