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Alternative Ways to Cleanse the Energy of your Home other than Smudging

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

You probably know that your home needs a good cleaning every now and then, but have you heard of cleaning the energy of your home? Your home can retain energetic dust and dirt, and overtime these can impact your health in various ways from low motivation to physical issues.

While a house might look physically fine (vacuumed floor, clutter free, etc), there are reasons that the energy can linger and stay in a space.

Reasons to Clear your Home's Energy

- Move into new home

- Hauntings

- Recent argument or fight

- Feeling depressed

- Feeling unmotivated

While using smoking herbs to clear energy is a popular method, it isn't the best choice for some people. For those with asthma, respiratory issues, or hate an open flame, burning herbs isn't the best choice. Thankfully there are other ways to clear your home's energy that are just as easy.



Sound is a powerful tool that not many people utilize. The vibrations generated by sound can help in clearing rooms and spaces. Items like gongs, bells, and singing bowls are great for clearing a space. If you're not looking to invest in these instruments, clapping your hands can work as well. Just like smudging, make sure you are going around your room with the sound, clearing the energy from the corners and hard to reach spaces.


Salt isn't just something you add to flavor your dishes. It has been used as a tool for cleansing energy for ages. There are many ways to cleanse just with salt. Sprinkle a line of salt along your doorways and perimeter of your property to clear your whole home. Some easier methods include adding salt to spring water and spraying rooms via spray bottle, or sprinkling salt on the floors of your home and vacuuming up the next day.


Many people know crystals for their healing properties, but did you know you can also use them in your homes? Certain crystals can cleanse the energy of a space, keeping the bad vibes out. Good crystals for this are selenite, black tourmaline, kyanite, and carnelian. Place these in the corners of your rooms, and along any windows or doors that can bring energy in or out of your home.

Having these other house clearing options, you can choose the way to best cleanse your home. While anyone has the ability to cleanse their house, if you wish to have your home cleansed in a more ceremonial way, you can opt for a house clearing through a professional.

Find out how to cleanse your home, in this step by step blog post.


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