How to Create a Healthier Home Office - Design a Workspace that Supports You

Updated: Jun 12

It's 2022 and more of us then ever before are living the WFH (work from home) life. That extra guest room, living room nook, or basement storage room has been taken over and transformed into a home office space. If you haven't done this step and are working from home, this is your sign to do so.

Having your own designated home office spot can help in keeping you more productive, focused, and less stressed while working. Aside from the big step of having its own space in your home, there are other important design tips and tricks in creating a home office that is better for your health and happiness while working the 9-5 in your PJs.


Standing Desk

It's not new that a sedentary lifestyle is horrible for your health and wellbeing. Right? Riiiight? In case this is new news, yes, sitting for 8+ hours a day leads to a whole number of health risks like obesity, bone and muscle l