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How to Create a Healthier Home Office - Design a Workspace that Supports You

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

It's 2022 and more of us then ever before are living the WFH (work from home) life. That extra guest room, living room nook, or basement storage room has been taken over and transformed into a home office space. If you haven't done this step and are working from home, this is your sign to do so.

Having your own designated home office spot can help in keeping you more productive, focused, and less stressed while working. Aside from the big step of having its own space in your home, there are other important design tips and tricks in creating a home office that is better for your health and happiness while working the 9-5 in your PJs.


Standing Desk

It's not new that a sedentary lifestyle is horrible for your health and wellbeing. Right? Riiiight? In case this is new news, yes, sitting for 8+ hours a day leads to a whole number of health risks like obesity, bone and muscle loss, a weaker immune system, and more inflammation. This has been a challenge many corporate professionals have faced due to the desk life....until now.

Standing Desks are the latest obsession in both the corporate and home office. Offering the flexibility for sitting or standing while working, it's a great piece of furniture that inspires more movement throughout your day.

Ergonomic Chair

Even though standing desks are amazing, chances are you won't be standing 8+ hours a day either. You'll need to sit down, and you'll need a chair that supports you. I'm talking about your posture.

Ergonomic chairs can help in providing lower back support, improve your posture, and reduce aches and pains throughout the work day. When shopping for an office desk chair, look for elements such as adjustable seat height, swivel seats, and a mesh back to naturally form to the curvature of your spine.

Dual Monitors

I swear, when I first switched to using dual monitors, it was life changing for my work. That's because typically you do multiple tasks during the average work day and are constantly referring back to open tabs and documents on your computer screen.

Having a dual monitor setup can improve your efficiency at work, reduce your stress, and help you stay a bit more on track during your work day.

Nature Screensaver

This tip is cheap, easy, and a must for your home office. Studies have shown all of the wonderful benefits of nature. From reducing stress to improving focus and clarity, there are so many great mental benefits of the natural world. The work life and nature don't often go together though. That being said, there are ways to add a little more of the outdoors into your home office.

One of the easy ways to bring more nature in is by using a nature themed desktop wallpaper. Simply looking at an image of a landscape such as an ocean or field of flowers can relax your mind and boost your mood. Even if you're not a big outdoorsy person, you can find an image of nature that works with you and your office decor and design.

Optimal Storage Solutions

Despite moving towards a digital and paperless office, there are still the occasional documents and files you hold onto. On top of that, there are all the little office accessories and gadgets that just shouldn't be on your desk. Having a file system or set of drawers for your desk is a great way to clean the clutter from off your desktop and keep it organized in one spot.

Pro tip: Look for a drawer system on casters. This way you can roll it out of the way when needed.

Desktop Organization

Like your files and papers need to be organized, your desktop should top that priority. That is because you are constantly using it, looking at it, and interacting with it. Sure, a few loose papers and pens out isn't too bad, but at the end of the day, this can turn into a full on tornado.

Have some way to organize and put away your desktop accessories such as papers, pens, notepads and office supplies. This can help in creating a cleaner and tidier desktop so you can be less distracted and more focused on your work.


With 8+ hours of work, who has time to workout as well? Movement is key to a healthier life, and now you can be on the move while being at your desk. Office desk treadmills have become that extra accessory add-on to the standing desk. Stuck in a long Zoom meeting? Get your steps in while doing so. Spending 30 minutes of your morning reading emails? Multi-task and walk a mile.

The key for home office treadmills is to find one that is low profile and compact. A foldable treadmill is a great option as it can be stored in a closet or even under your sofa, making it perfect for apartments as well.

House Plants

Aside from images of nature, why not bring nature into your home office literally! We all have been loving house plants the past couple of years and this love has turned into a full on obsession. Don't worry, house plants are a healthy obsession. That is because there are so many perks to plants. Not only do plants help boost your mood, but they also help purify the air, making your office have better air quality. They also promote extra energy based on Feng Shui.

Get yourself a plant based on your care levels and the requirements of your office (light levels, temperature, etc). Grab yourself a cute planter pot to match your vibe and you're all set for a happier and healthier office. For more help on styling plants, check out my other blog post on ways to decorate with house plants.

Blue Light Glasses

Screen time is horrible for your health. It creates headaches, migraines, and can lead to poor sleep and higher stress, which brings up even more health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Yet in a technological society, it can be difficult to reduce or even get away from a screen.

Using blue light glasses while working can reducing the harmful light rays omitted from your screen, thus improving your sleep, headaches, and eye strains. Plus there are so many cute glasses to choose from, you can find one to give you that stylish sophistication for your work day.

For more help and support in creating and designing the best home office setup for your health, productivity, and work life, schedule a free initial consultation call today and get the holistic home office your deserve.


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