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How to Feng Shui your Home Office - Boost your Productivity and Focus Working from Home

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

In the age of technology, more of us are able to work outside of the general office. Coffee shops, restaurants, and co-working spaces are popular places, but the most common place people work at outside of the office is their home.

Home offices aren’t a new trend, but they are starting to be redefined based on the variety of different professions that have the ability to work from home now. It isn’t just executives and sales representatives, but accountants, graphic designers, and even architects have started to take to their homes as a place to get work done.

According to Feng Shui, There are two main energies an office should be. They should be creative and productive. We need our spaces to stimulate thought and new ideas, but also have the drive to carry out tasks and work.

Depending on what you do for a living, the qi (chi) of your office can vary person to person. For accountants, having a space with more metal qi is beneficial versus an entrepreneur who could use more fire qi.

Despite the variety of reasons one uses an office, here are some basic tips for creating a harmonious flow of energy in your space!


The Red Phoenix

Those countertop workstations and desktop nooks are super cute, but how often do you actually sit at them and get work done? Maybe if you’re just catching up on bills or answering a few emails it is fine, but this sitting situation is not conducive for an actual workspace.

According to Feng Shui (and now backed by psychology), people are wired to a sense of security. It IS a basic need after all, and facing a wall and having your back exposed does not support a sense of safety. It also doesn’t do much for focus. Instead, flip-flop this arrangement so that your back is secure against a wall and your desk faces in some general open/expansive direction.


Step aside Marie Kondo, because Feng Shui has been talking about declutter for centuries. Clutter is a big NO in Feng Shui. Seeing messes and piles of junk inhibits us from being as focused as we can be. Messy spaces = messy minds. And I totally get that not everyone can live in a museum quality space all the time. But hey, that’s what filing systems, baskets, and closed storage options are for.

Symbolic Decor

To really help strengthen the relationship you have with your space, decor is essential. From an Interior Design standpoint, decor is like the jewelry to an outfit. That finishing touch that pulls a space together. From a Feng Shui standpoint, decor holds a lot of power due to the symbolism of the object. Want to feel more relaxed in your office? Add paintings of nature that speak to you. Want to feel more focused? Add a clock or items symbolic of time, such as an hourglass.

Add Plants

Plants are great for a workspace because not only do they stimulate qi, but they also connect to the wood element. The wood element is useful for offices and workspaces because its energy is that of new growth and upward movement. It’s beneficial for stimulating the mind, new ideas, and productivity. Find out more about plants and Feng Shui.

What’s your Computer Background?

Just as decor holds such symbolic presence in our spaces, our computer backgrounds are no different. What image we have on our desktop background can impact our energy significantly. If someone is wanting to achieve a specific goal, having a background image related to that can subconsciously help.

I personally have a natural landscape as my laptop background. I highly recommend these images for two reasons; one, based on the Feng Shui concept of Celestial Animals, having expansive views to look at encourages new opportunities and connects to the energy of the Red Phoenix, and two, nature is proven to have health benefits such as lowering stress, which is useful for office settings.


Like plants, crystals contain their own energy source. Each crystal has certain attributes and vibrates at various frequencies. Depending on the work you do, you may require a different set of energies. Certain stones that are good for more analytics jobs include Sodalite and Amethyst, while more creative jobs crystals would be citrine and carnelian.

And there you go! Implement these changes into your workspace and see what new energies unfold. For more Feng Shui help, you can schedule a consultation or learn how to Feng Shui for yourself with my Fundamentals of Feng Shui Class.


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