How to Feng Shui your Home Office - Boost your Productivity and Focus Working from Home

Updated: Jun 25

In the age of technology, more of us are able to work outside of the general office. Coffee shops, restaurants, and co-working spaces are popular places, but the most common place people work at outside of the office is their home.

Home offices aren’t a new trend, but they are starting to be redefined based on the variety of different professions that have the ability to work from home now. It isn’t just executives and sales representatives, but accountants, graphic designers, and even architects have started to take to their homes as a place to get work done.

According to Feng Shui, There are two main energies an office should be. They should be creative and productive. We need our spaces to stimulate thought and new ideas, but also have the drive to carry out tasks and work.

Depending on what you do for a living, the qi (chi) of your office can vary person to person. For accountants, having a space with more metal qi is beneficial versus an entrepreneur who could use more fire qi.

Despite the variety of reasons one uses an office, here are some basic tips for creating a harmonious flow of energy in your space!


The Red Phoenix